sunday stuff

slow moving 
check out line 
on a recent Sunday
Bed, Bath and Beyond 
Broadway in the 60s

Is your holiday shopping done?


  1. ughh! the dreaded long lines!
    I'm partially done, which I guess means I have to say no! & I haven't wrapped a thing!

  2. You waited in that line? I admire you if you did:)) Shopping is not finished, decorating not started, baked goods are being eaten before I can get ahead...normal Holiday status here! Are you finished?

  3. It would have had to have been a great price to stand in that line..

  4. Mine's done and wrapped. I always do it early to avoid queues but mostly I do it online.

  5. went to the mall yesterday ... bought nothing lol not even close to done but am so done lol

  6. Very little waiting where I work !:) Of course we've got it all figured out, BB&B and most other retail placles have NOT.

  7. Blick. I went to Lowes yesterday and there was no line. Note to self: only hardware stores the week before Christmas.

  8. That picture is reason enough to stay put, at home, in complete denial that things need doing.

    mockhdu. The state of pretending like you're actually preparing for a major holiday is called mockhdu.

  9. I hate long lines. You should put yourself in the "Waiting Patiently" post. :) In the last few years, I've done all my shopping early in the morning to avoid the lines.

  10. That is quite a line. One of the things I don't like about BB&B is the way they have their check-out registers set up. Every store of theirs I've been in has very little room for people to stand to check out...frustrating.

    Ocala is absolutely crazy these days - overrun with fusty, harried people getting ready for joy and peace on earth! Fortunately, we don't have to go anywhere before the 25th!

  11. bought, made, wrapped, delivered, moving on...

  12. Done? Yes. Wrapped? Mostly.

    When I was younger, I truly enjoyed all of the Christmas shopping experience, even standing in line to check out. It was a much shorter holiday season and I found it all special and enchanting. As you know, I now abhor the length of the season as foisted upon us by merchants, so it has lost that appeal. I do 95% of my shopping on-line, and do not look forward to obtaining those things I must in the "real" world.

  13. Oh my goodness. I would have had to pee at least twice in this line. I have one stocking to fill and I'm done. Just bought what everyone really needed.

  14. I've got to run out today for a couple of last minute things. I hope my lines won't been so long.


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