foodie friday#18

Sharing dessert at Recipe 
Chocolate Pignoli Tart
sea salt, mascarpone gelato


  1. Well, my computer screen is all sticky now from my having licked the photo. That looks SOOOOO good. Nothing better than a chocolate cake of some sort and vanilla ice cream combination...I am going to hit the store this evening....

  2. that's beautiful!!
    sharing? what's this thing called sharing? ;)

  3. I just outgrew my slacks!!! This looks divine. I"m not a big sweet eater but I'd plow through this like Grant through Richmond.

  4. Well, thanks a lot! You have now kicked in my chocoholic gene...what am I gonna do?

    I guess I'll call CHA (Chocoholics Anonymous)!

  5. You did NOT just do that to me. What's with two spoons? Oh, to eat it faster -- I get it. ; )

  6. That looks delicious.. and super
    sweet , so I would definitely
    have to share it as well....

  7. A M A Z I N G. Decadent!

    Now I am REALLY hungry!!

  8. I have never tasted mascarpone gelato, but I am SURE I would like it =)) Especially when it is a la mode over a chocolate tart!

  9. YUM! that looks absolutely delicious.


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