sunday stuff

herb's herbs!


  1. Chives!

    Get me a bagel and a schmeer!

    Fond Aloha, Dar

    Comfort Spiral


  2. I love roast chicken with rosemary. Get a small chicken, rinse inside and out, pat dry. Slice a lemon in half and insert into cavity, then a big handful of rosemary. Rub outside with olive oil and roast for an hour.

    Can you tell I've had too much coffee this morning?

  3. here is moannies new blog

    saz x

  4. Two bucks for a rosemary? Dang. In a heartbeat.

  5. I just ate dinner, and now I want to cook something!

  6. I will miss the Farmer's Market soon.
    This is all great!

  7. Herb's herbs, Rosemary's rosemary and Basil's basil? Too much thyme on my hands.


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