blog action day 2010 - water

After all, clean water is essential for our survival, but dangerously scarce. 
Nearly one billion people in the world today don't have access to clean water
42,000 people die each week from water-borne diseases. 
And the issue doesn't stop there — 
water availability impacts a wide variety of issues 
from the environment 
women's rights 
 from technology to fashion
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Blog Action Day


  1. Hard to imagine as I sit here gazing at Lake Michigan.

  2. This is so powerful. I live next to the Ohio River, and would not drink untreated water from it.

  3. I hate to say it but we do take fresh water for granted here. :(

  4. This is THE coming issue that will encapsulate many crucial areas of life on this planet.

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


  5. this is such a good shot Daryl! & I'm so glad to see this on your blog - I did my blog action day post on Thursday to try & spread the word.

    Hope you are having a good time!

  6. Excellent post, Daryl. I am sorry it is so true...

  7. I'm sorry I did not know about this and missed it. Cloudia says it best!

  8. Learned quite a bit about clean water (and filthy water, and diseases) during our trip to Chicago. Lake Michigan, and the Chicago River, have fascinating histories insofar as those things are concerned. They actually REVERSED the flow of the Chicago River at one point, via an engineering feat, in order to cut down on dysentery and such. The people in Saint Louis got the result, and they weren't happy, but Chicago was OK :-)


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