toonsday - huh?


  1. Butt there protest sines are so funny!

    (All spelling and grammatical errors intentional, but extremely painful.)

  2. So sad..and its easy to lead the non-thinking sheep to do weird things due to Hate...

  3. if they do have any good translators and discover that they're gay you know they'll discharge them

    very frustrating world right now

  4. it doesn't take much these days to become an expert on something. all you need is an opinion.

  5. This toon just makes me sad. Is there a tolerance party?

  6. You nailed it again Toonster.

    PS I swear, my WV is CRYPERS!

  7. This is almost as funny as John Stewart saying about Glenn Beck's book "Finally! A guy who says what people who aren't thinking are thinking."

    And Beck using it as a pull quote (in bright yellow bold type) on the back cover.

    What a maroon!


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