miscellaneous monday

Most Sundays I visit the GreenFlea on Columbus Avenue at 77th Street.  For the last few months, there's been a very unique furniture booth where I always stop to drool , er, admire the designs.  This past weekend I decided I had to share what I have been lusting, er, wishing fit into my life style.

The Divine Chair Company is the brainchild and creative result of Kitty McBride who has a website you must check out - click HERE - because my photos do not do justice to how lovely, clever, creative and comfortable this furniture is.

Kitty didnt want me to take this close up 
is one of my favorites 
so I had to post this shot, 
sorry Kitty!


  1. This is colorful, unique and a style I like!:)

  2. Those are cool colors....I crave color, too.

  3. That chair is my favorite too..and doesn't fit into my zoo, umm, style either. Fantastic furniture - I can see why you stop to look each Sunday!

  4. Meow! Very cool, Kitty!

    The colors, though, seem more appropriate for Florida than New York. So, you can purchase whatever and send it down here. OK?

  5. the chair is wonderful
    Kitty has a wonderful smile

  6. Love. Want.
    I am totally going to that site right NOW.

  7. Oh, how eclectic and clever! Such a nice way to brighten up a room.

  8. oh yeah...I can see me wallering on that furniture right now! Love it!

  9. I like the colorful furniture. Fun. I especially like the chair too.

  10. I LOVE her stuff! How FUN!!! Very cool!! Thanks for sharing that site Daryl!!!

  11. Who wouldn't love that chair. It wouldn't fit in my lifestyle either, but it's a winner!

  12. Very colorful and definitely unique. Does she want to set up a Virginia satellite operation?

  13. Great stuff--I can see why you like that chair. It's gorgeous!

  14. A happy piece of furniture like that would brighten up any room. Think you might break down and buy a piece soon?


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