Summer Stock Sunday/CityDailyPhoto Theme Day - Bright Colors

New York City 
means colorful
street fairs  
every weekend
entertainment for the kids 
like this

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  1. Here's a highly unoriginal comment: Wow! An inflatable carousel. Who knew?

  2. I think they can make just about anything inflatable these days!! Surprised the sun hasn't deflated it!!

  3. ha! Reminds me of when my grandson was terrified of a "Jumpy Jump!" He had a meltdown at the sight of one. He loves them now!

  4. Fabulous! and who knew - an inflatable carousel! I want to go to a street fair too!

  5. I love merry-go-rounds in any form. Good one!

  6. It seems that you can find entertainment for all ages in NYC just about 24/7. But I have to admit this is especially colorful which is a good thing as it is theme day, ya know, and it's all about color and ya done good!

  7. I've never seen an inflatable merry-go-round before! That looks very cool, although I might be a little afraid it would deflate ;)

  8. What a beautiful inflatable carousel! I know the children loved this one =))

  9. What a great bounce house, I've never seen one decorated like a carousel before.

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  10. I always wish they allowed adults in there. Running and bouncing around these inflatable whatever-they're-called seems so much fun!

  11. At what age do we lose the appreciation for stuff like this? I haven't hit it yet, I'm just curious.


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