summer stock sunday

Fresh locally grown corn at the
Farmer's Market 
moved from inside PS 77 schoolyard 
where it shared space with the GreenFlea
 out onto Columbus Avenue 
behind the Museum of Natural History
 .. lots more vendors 
 a shady place to 
shop and nosh

Click here for all the participants in Robin's Summer Stock Sunday


  1. Very fresh corn, not more than a few hours old! Great that you can enjoy shopping for your veggies in the shade!

  2. I bought some sweet corn today, crunch, crunch.

    Love the colors and softness of this photo.

  3. That's such a long time I haven't eaten corn !

  4. You couldn't get much fresher than that could you? :)

  5. I love the slight blurry, dreamy quality of the shot
    and the woman's expression is delightful

  6. Now I'm hungry...

    wv: redograw. Redograw corn but it doesn't look that nice.

  7. Who in Ocala would ever think you could buy fresh corn and other farm products in NYC? Not I!

    I think you've been playing around with tilt-and-shift or something similar to get a sharp focus in the center of the photo. Whatever, I like it!

  8. A touch of country in the
    Big Apple... that's nice.

    Somehow I can not see you
    'shucking' corn ... :-))

  9. Mmmm... Love that summer corn - so much so that I just had two ears at dinner tonight. So delicious!

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  10. Waitaminnit... locally grown? In Manhattan? Where for pity's sake? I didn't know there was that much exposed dirt on the island. Did they grow it at PS 77? Like in a raised garden or something?

    Or am I being way too literal?

  11. One of the few sadnesses associated with my faux choppers is that I can no longer enjoy corn on the cob. It's about the only thing I can't do which I wish I could!

  12. Yummy. I'll have to ask my sister if she gets produce there since she lives right across central park from the Museum of Natural history so that would be very convenient.

  13. Very nicely done. Looks very gauzy and summery.

  14. Thats some good looking corn! Farmers markets are just the best!

  15. i love fresh corn, but here in the land of wind and lil rain it isn't a practical crop. cucumber and squash are another story. when i lived in college station i frequented the farmers market, and it was amazing.


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