my sky

Blue skies 
one of my favorite places
Bergdorf Goodman

edited to reflect my oops .. that is the top of the Plaza Hotel which is right next to/behind BG

Created by Dot, perfected by Tom, now hosted by Klaus and the Skywatch Tea, of Wren, Sylvia, Fishing Guy and Sandy at the Sky Command Center!


  1. How appropriate! Bergdorf Goodman looks just like a castle in this shot! I love it! And what vivid blue skies! Love your composition, Daryl! Terrific! Hope you have a super weekend! Enjoy!


  2. Love this view of your sky! Our sky is white clouds so it must be smog. It hasn't rained in days and Birmingham is sort of in a valley so this tends to happen especially in the summer. Doesn't make for good air quality for sure. Enjoy your lovely extra blue sky for me!

  3. Beautiful day for shopping. The sky and the building make quite a pair and I like how you angled the shot.

  4. What a grrreat blue clear sky!

    Happy SWF! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Beautiful shot! Clear Blue sky over a castle of shopping! Whoo-hoo!

  6. Whatever building it is, it's impressive! As is that bold blue sky behind it. Awesome shot!

  7. New York City never ceases to surprise me -- look at that blue sky! I've only been there a few times, at long, long intervals, but loved it each time.

  8. So now I'm confused. Is this a photo of BG or is this the top of the Plaza Hotel...well, of course it's the latter as you say so in your commentary, and I always believe everything you say, especially when it's something good about my photos. ;-)

    I've been scrolling down a bit to see what I've missed...quite a bit, it seems. Tantalizing and tasteful photos, my friend!


  9. Not a cloud in that beautiful, blue sky.

    Happy SWF.

    My Skywatch is here.

  10. thought it's a castle..beautiful building and I really like the blue sky background. My skywatch is here. happy weekend ahead!

  11. great shot, Daryl. I would be curious to know who the architect of this building was.

  12. I'm with Steviewren, we need some blue skies here in B'ham. I want to go to BF and shop till I drop. Oh look, Jacob's back. hot damn. I'm off to visit him.

  13. being silhouetted against such a deep Blue sky gives that wonderful structure even more appeal

  14. Beautiful Sky Watch photo

    Have a nice weekend,
    Greetings, Bram

    My WordPress Blog

    Seen on Sky Watch Friday

  15. Did you see ELOISE at the Plaza ??

    A great place to relax after all
    that shop til you drop work out.

  16. Such a total variety of architecture you find.

  17. look at all that lucious detail
    all that craftmanship
    all that beauty


  18. Love this shot, great angle. I am coming to NYC in a few weeks...your getting me excited.

  19. Excellent composition and outstanding capture. But then, I love architecture.

  20. an excellent take of a beautiful building...with a beautiful sky.


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