waiting, impatiently

My friend Deb Kitts
who you may 'recognize' from this/her email/comment icon
 doesnt have a blog of her own 
sent me this photo 
Frank and Dora
(not the doxies, the camels)
it was taken at the little league ball field in 
Ceredo WV. 
Frank had a bath the day before, 
his owner pressure washed him 
used a leaf blower to dry him! 
He still had the camel smell 
This area is not known for its camels 
even if it does get hotter 
than hell here in a few weeks. 


  1. I couldn't put New York and camels together and I just had to see what it was all about! Camel rides, I haven't seen that one before!

  2. Funny! I think camels are dumb-looking animals. Last time I saw one close-up was in Qatar, where some locals were offering camel rides (I declined). The camels were wearing little knitted muzzles to prevent their sitting....imagine they'd still be able to bite, though. Also years ago when Tito was alive there was a non-aligned countries conference and Ghadafi attended. he brought his two camels to ride and drink their milk, the descendants of which are in the Belgrade Zoo.

  3. I've never been on a camel ride though I've been plenty of place where they've been on offer.

  4. Camels are mean. They will spit
    and bite , if close enough.

  5. 'Impatient' probably describes camels. Fun pic!

  6. new uses for our 'home maintenance tools' - brilliant! xxo

  7. I once rode a camel at the Bronx Zoo. He spit at me

    Can't say I blamed him

    Frank and Dora look friendlier

  8. I am amazed at what you can do with a simple phone photo. Thanks so much for featuring my pic! It was fun to see the camels standing around at the ball field of all places:)

  9. Well, I've seen a lot of things, but never camels at a baseball field.

    I live such a sheltered life.

    Great photos.

  10. What a strange place to see camels! Even if it is hot there.

  11. Well, I'll tell you, if it only costs $8 to ride one of these, I'd walk a mile for a camel!

  12. Frank and Dora are adorable.
    So are the dogs.

  13. Frank & Dora....that was an unexpected site!

  14. A few more of those and they'll want to build a Camel Lot (Camelot? I know it sounds a bit bizarre) ;)

  15. Darn song is running through my head now.

  16. That's a great one for waiting impatiently. I'm glad your friend sent you this one.

  17. I spent a few hours at an alpaca farm on Saturday. Camelids are not the most sweet smelling of creatures.

    But seriously... a pressure washer??

    Heh. My word verification is "prejud". I guess that's "prejudice" straight up (hold the vermouth too).

  18. That is such a GREAT shot! Perfect for your Waiting series! Nice.


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