my sky

Boston Harbor
this past Sunday afternoon

For more skies, visit hosts/hostesses Sandy Carlson, Louise, Sylvia, Klaus, Wren, & Fishing Guy at the Sky Command Center!


  1. Hmmmm looks as gray and grumpy as our skies here today!! Great capture, Daryl, as always! Hope you have a lovely, sunny weekend!


  2. Nice shot of this gloomy day...I love Boston Harbor.

  3. I love this view! It's simply superb :-) Thanks for sharing this wonderful shot!

    Pixellicious Photos

  4. Great shot of the clouds parting!
    How is Jack?

  5. Dramamine anyone? No wonder why you were seasick.

  6. I can almost hear the waves slapping against the hull. Grim sky and all, this is a compelling shot.

    And I see you've expanded and opened a Boston branch now!

  7. Bahston Hahbuh. What an ominous sky.

    wv: cathorse. I am not making this up. CAthorse is a new cartoon destined to take over Catdog, which I always found mildly scary.

  8. Great harber shot, Dar. Will visit ?Bobbie...been running a LOT!

    cloudia (Aloha from a public computer)

  9. Beautiful photo!
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  10. Those moody skies are wonderful. They are romantic and wistful. Great shot.

  11. My old stomping ground!
    Well, not the harbor, but Boston.
    MISS that place. Badly.

  12. Oh to be by the sea,
    even if it was once full of tea!

  13. I love your pretty sky scene, but the only visit I had to Boston, I did not care for it. It does have some interesting sights to visit.

  14. Tried to comment three times..
    but the weather is nasty here and
    keeps messing with my connection..

    So here I go again.....
    Love harbour shots and that sky
    looks about like it does here

    Someone mentioned gray and grumpy
    that would be more me.!

  15. You've captured the calming effect of the water here Daryl. Looking at this photo I see its gentle movements.

  16. I can see a wave forming. Wished you had nicer weather during your trip.

  17. Great harbor shot...I don't see many harbors in this part of the world!

  18. Looks so gloomy n stormy. Great shot. Will have to visit Boston one day!

  19. What a shot! When I visited Boston in the last week of May it was HOT HOT HOT and so different from what you shot!

  20. Looks very much like Seattle with all that gray sky. Very nice shot!

  21. Brooding sky over calm dark swells, very evocative pic.

    Tell me this wasn't taken from a boat!!!

  22. Beautiful picture. It looks so romantic like a black and white photo:)

  23. Beautiful shot. I love the dramatic clouds and also the sailboats on the water. I also love your little bird in the blog header.

  24. That's lovely. Haven't been to Boston since 1976! But had fun while I was there.

  25. Gloomy day in Boston but oh how lovely.

  26. Looks like cloudy weather at your place. Hope you have a nice day.

    Happy skywatch Friday. =)


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