sign posts

Always good advice
especially on the
Bicycle path
Riverside Park


  1. The "respect others" is a good reminder for plenty of situations. «Louis» has noticed a decided uptick in rudeness...

  2. "Always good advice."

    And this from a self confessed 'Mean Girl!'

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral

  3. Morning Daryl.
    I like the sign's colour. It's a sign with 2 messages - I hope cyclists have time to absorb them both as they go past.
    (Oh and I don't bother with the email reply back thingy because it's linked to an email account I never use so I wouldn't see your reply anyway!!!)

  4. A message that could be applied almost universally to almost any situation. Unless of course you're trying to stop arterial bleeding or something like that. Then the "slow" part's probably not such a great idea.

  5. If only everyone took notice of signs like that. ;)

  6. Nice polite sign. you don't see that kind very often.

  7. That's a good sign. Wish they had them on the trails where I walk and am sometimes forced off the path by three cyclist riding side by side.

  8. Apparently, there are lots of people *out there* that need this reminder...

  9. Jeez, can't imagine such a sign in NYC!

  10. Yeah, that would have come in handy this weekend at the cabin!


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