thursday in the hood

One recent Sunday 
I took the Baroness and her lovely niece 
to lunch at my favorite haunt, 
It was crowded so we sat at the counter 
this was part of the decor, 
of course I had to snap it.
  Then with Hilary's help 
I got a little artsy, added a layer 
of some free effect I found at  


  1. You did a great job with this. It looks wonderful Thanks for the linkage. :)

  2. Beautiful. The post processing really takes it to the next level, too.

  3. Well. That settles it. I NEED to make a trip in to the city. And I have to go to this restaurant!! Looks terrific!! What a great pic Daryl!!

  4. That's a neat display. What a great use of a clamp. The effect is awesome.

  5. Elegant and stylish!!
    Thanks for sharing;-)

  6. that's beautiful
    the little crack in the column adds character
    very nice
    well done!!

  7. Yummy layer, and gorgeous shot! Layering can be addicting.......

  8. Good job. It looks like some ancient creation just uncovered...I like a lot!

  9. Well. I don't know if it is that new camera or just all of the practice you've had but your photography is at a totally new level. As you know, I love all of your art but this one ~ stunning. My eye keeps wanting to go back to it so I can absorb more. This is a keeper ! Frame it for when we have your photo art show.

  10. What is that plant? It looks almost extra-terrestrial.

  11. Sounds like fun! And I really like the embellishment to the already great photo w/composition on the side.

  12. I think this is a GREAT shot for your RedBubble stuff. It would make for a wonderful post or greeting card!

    Btw, I thought you should know that you've inspired me in two ways now...
    1. To stop writing in a blog (because it felt like working) and pick up my camera (because it's something I love doing but always felt I needed a reason to do--and now I have one!)
    2. To see if my eye can make some small dollars or cents for me while I continue to look for a job in my new area (or at least until Fall term starts and I go back for seconds). RedBubble sounds like a really great setup. What has your experience on it been like?

  13. I like this one. It has a painterly quality to it. Still life in glass...that's would be my name for it.

  14. Very interesting. Arty! How long did it take for you to be happy with that shot? Curious.

  15. Very artsy fartsy, my dear! And, I love the bottle next to the column.

  16. Wow, Daryl. This is great. I love Shadowhouse.

  17. This one could be a painting, a beautiful still life. I'll bet the restaurant is gorgeous.


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