tell me a story

You know the drill,
tell me a story!

On Monday, you can check out the stories Fireblossom and Mielikki have written about this photo


  1. Why won't she answer?
    He was so desperate that he didn't notice her holding her muted phone and watching him. So far! Yet so near :)

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  2. Dammit! I was supposed to get milk and not butter?? How can I go home???

  3. Zelda and Luis have only to look into one another's eyes and the world will change forever. Look up, Luis. Look up.

  4. "You say "Yes",
    and I say, "No".
    You say, "Why?"
    And I say, " I don't know...ohhoh oh oh no."
    You say good-bye and I say "hello."
    Hello, hello.

  5. Not a story so much as a title:

    "iPhones at Dawn: A Lover's Duel in the Information Age"

  6. I"M no good at this. I"m enjoying the other more clever commenters!

  7. the sneaky witch is putting a hex on his cell phone....
    what is going on here? he wonders.

  8. LOL @ Susan.

    Mine will be up by tomorrow morning. ;-)

  9. She: "I'm thinking of heading to Hollywood 'cause I've got such great legs."

    He: "How do you work this damn thing?"

  10. Battery dead? Yikes!!!! Now, how do I kill 20 minutes til the bus???

  11. Text message to his wife:
    I'm stunned that they were so critical of me for wearing my cap the RIGHT direction!

  12. She's getting bored, sports star or not, walking away is looking good.

  13. I am thinking they are both visual, rather than auditory, learners!

    That's the teacher in me.

    It's funny though. She looks like a little witch, and the black around the back of her head suggests a hat to me. If she were in a little thought bubble, that might be the image of the girlfriend he is arguing with via text.

  14. Rick had been in the city for a little under a month and couldn't cut the ties with his high school sweetheart Jen, from his rural hometown in South Carolina.

    Even though he was playing semi-pro ball in the big city, he still missed his home town honey.

    Little did he know how quickly that would all change.

    After a heated text message exchange with Home Town Honey, where she essentially told him to buzz off, he glanced up and saw the most beautiful, exotic woman he'd ever laid eyes on.

    She'd been studying him for a good twenty minutes and already knew they'd at least have a drink together.

    At least.

  15. I can scarcely write my own posts ;) but I'm enjoying everyone elses creativity. Great capture!

  16. Watching the Brazil-Spain soccer game while the wife shops. Take your time honey, the game's good.

  17. he's thinking,
    "I wish I had my glasses with me 'cause I can not read this text for the life of me".

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  19. POV of girl in back of frame...

    She thought to herself, "if only he had a clue, he'd realize he was being watched not only by me but by that lady with a camera as well. But it's quite obvious he doesn't since he doesn't understand the effectiveness of a monochrome ensemble."

    She let out a sigh of disgust and repressed desperation while she sorely hoped she didn't appear eager to be in the camera lady's frame though she was almost to the point where she'd take any attention she could get; even from an enthusiastic fan of soccer wrapped in the vibrant colors of his favorite team.

  20. He felt badly for speaking sharply to his wife last night. She was only trying to get him to talk about what was bothering him. The problem was that she didn't really understand that he'd been worried about losing his job and he hadn't wanted to worry her. She was a good wife.

    He sat down on the corner of the busy street, took out his phone and dialed the number. He didn't need to waste another minute. It was time to apologize and tell her his fears.

  21. Help! I've fallen down and can't get up! Hello? Is anyone there? Hello?


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