wordless and wordy wednesday combo

The Secret Lives of Birds

Do not love the oriole.
She will flutter and charm in a charismatic display;
Then, when all of your dreams have turned to orange,
She will do the same over an old bit of string.

The water pipit favors the stark beauty of rocky beach or tundra.
She is plain but hardy, and will find a way through and say nothing
When you fuck up the way you do;
She sometimes lays her eggs on golf courses--
Do not stupidly try to drive them or sink them, because then you will discover
They are the thing she loves, more than you.

You can't count on a cedar waxwing.
She will include you and also several of her friends,
Passing a ripe cherry from beak to beak, down the branch, until every face is sweet and red.
You'll forget yourself with happiness and the summer will be one long delicious picnic of plenty;
Did you think the red markings at her wing tips were simple accents?
They are her album, of you, and another, and another,

All abandoned, like dreams upon waking--
Suddenly and entirely,
When all the fruit is gone.

The jay can scatter smaller birds from the feeder
By mimicking the cry of the red tailed hawk.
She takes what she will, burying--and forgetting--a great many prizes;
Entire forests spring from her bold thievery.
Yet, she always seems to be moving on.

Despite her beauty, brass, and moxie,
Tranquility is never hers, and if you love her,
It will elude you, too.

And me?
I am fascinated with them all.

I am the song they did not know they knew,
And I am the rapt and admiring listener;
I am the silent sky in love with their wing beats and the music that cannot be expressed
Without them.


faye said...

Great shot of the cardinal.
They always add a spot of color
to any shot.
A wordy and wordless combo..
very clev-ah.!!

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

SO utterly brilliant. Where but in nature can you find such dazzling colors. I've never seen an actual cardinal but have seen two WW blogs featuring them so far, guess they are particular to snowy parts of the world at particular times of the year such as official spring!.

Stan said...

Beautiful birds are such amazing little creatures. Nice picture.

Grandma J said...

A birdy high rise condo!

catsynth said...

The red of the cardinal is particularly bold against the snow. Well done, especially given how fast birds tend to move.

Robin said...

Splendid shot, and perfectly complemented by the poem.

Fireblossom said...

I love that photograph, Daryl. It really is the perfect one to go with my poem! I'm so tickled that you've combined them here. :-)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...


wv: extre. We got an extre bonus at Daryl's blog today. Not only was there a beautiful cardinal featured but she shared a wonderful poem.

caite said...

a beautiful shot of the cardinal. what a fantastic color they are.

Beth F said...

I always love cardinals -- nice shot. And thanks for sharing the poem -- great for spring as the birds return to my feeder.

Rob Inukshuk said...

Excellent shot well captured. Loved the poem too!

judi said...

zoom, zoom. Beautiful birds and the snow contrast is a great capture.

bobbie said...

Ohhh - thank you for that.

Dianne said...

'I am the song they did not know they knew'

that made me teary

beautiful words
beautiful image

Bubblewench said...

What an amazing shot! And great poem... lovely!

Tammy said...

Gorgeous photo! We don't have pretty little red birds in my neighborhood, so I sure enjoy seeing them.

I checked out Shay's site, she's a wonderful wordsmith! Thanks for sharing.

TSannie said...

That was all kids of wonderful.

Ann Marie said...

as usual .. wonderful shot my friend.

Louis la Vache said...


«Louis» noticed that 'dedelstein' has moved up a rung or two on the food ladder (in not the food chain...)

Joyce said...

Glad you added the poem. Oh the orange is outstanding!

fiberdoodles said...

So pretty, great picture! Happy Wordless Wednesday!!

Mental P Mama said...

He is a beauty! And that poem is amazing...

steviewren said...

Beeeoopital (as my daughter used to say) photo!

Sitting in my car on my lunch hour and listening to birds sing in the trees is how I relax from the noise and activity of work.

aims said...

Saw a cardinal in New Orleans! My first in 20 years. I was all agog and in tears with its beauty.

Lovely and very true poem.

A thankful day for me.

Suldog said...

Truly excellent poem. Great shot of the cardinal, too. I'm looking forward to my first sighting of one. We get them in our backyard, but they hide very well. It is especially gratifying to spot a female, as they don't have the bright red plumage, but rather a sort of tan with slight highlights.

Jacob said...

Love the photo (where'd you take that? Central Park?) and the poem!

Hey, the only bunnies I shoot are with a camera! (Very funny)

Mojo said...

Marvelous shot! Initially I was so taken with the poem that I followed Shay's link and almost forgot to come back to comment on the photo! But it's fabulous. And those small birds aren't always the easiest to shoot. They're quiiiiick.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Beautiful shot of the cardinal.

nonizamboni said...

I don't know which I like better: the pic or the poem. Both right on!

Marice said...

wow! such an amazing shot :) love the bird's color :)

u may view mine here

maryt/theteach said...

Beautiful photo, lovely poem, Daryl! :)

heartfeltcynic said...

Wow! Such a "POP!" of color. I've never seen a Cardinal in person. Your photo makes me think it'd be a lovely experience.

Yvi said...

What a nice shot...great...

SandyCarlson said...

That is one extraordinary poem and an equally extraordinary photo. You are amazing.

Carver said...

Great minds think a like, LOL, we both featured cardinals. I love this shot here and also great words too!

lime said...

wonderful, really wonderful.

thanks for stopping by my place for POTW

Cloudia said...

A Shay poem!

Aloha from Hawaii Sis

Comfort Spiral

Country Girl said...

I was there with you when you took this shot of the cardinal.

And this poem? It really rocks.

Susan said...

I love cardinals, they're picture perfect- and love that poem -it's word perfect

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

WOW! That is an awesome shot Daryl!

ds said...

Love cardinals. Love this picture. Love this poem. Wonderful combination--thank you!

MyMaracas said...

The photo and the poem are perfect together - both are such rich and colorful images.