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Hanging in a window
West 79th Street


  1. Feels like Cagney is dancing "Yankee Doodle Dandy" in my mouth!

    Aloha from Hawaii, Dar

    Comfort Spiral

  2. It makes a great shot. Cloudia's comment made me laugh.. too cute.

  3. Are we to assume from this that Dr. Turbodrill drilling for Old Glory? Is that what he tells you as he aims that masonry bit at your molar?

    «Louis» sees that 'dedelstein' signed in on the ledge...safer there than in the Dentist's chair!

  4. The dentist is getting his digs in my mouth.. I'm in the process of having a root canal done..yikes.. I'm finally passed the pain with the first step. I go back April 6 for the packing. Great sign post!
    Too Funny! :) The Bach

  5. she's a grand old cap, a high flying cap, and forever in my mouth may she stay ...

  6. Way cool! So long as he doesn't fill cavities with little star shapes.

  7. Does he/she hum patriotic songs as he/she works?

  8. I wonder if that's my son's dentist. Like there's only one dentist in all of NYC!

  9. What a fun photo. I love Cloudia's comment.

  10. Oh beautiful
    For great big cries
    For anger, fear and pain.

    Oh well, that' the best I can do on short notice. Dentistry is the last form of legal torture, with all due respect to dentists, I've just had some horrendous experiences.

    However this is a great picture.

    I'M SO JEALOUS OF YOUR BRUNCH ON SUNDAY. Please tell the Duchess, the Baronness and all the attendees and attendants hello from down south. Send pictures or text messages.

  11. I really don't care about his patriotism (or lack thereof)...I want to know what school he/she graduated from, what his/her experience is, and what kind of dentist he/she has become.

    I get a little leery of people who feel the need to wave the flag over their business.

  12. If you think the flag is fun, wait til you see what he does with firecrackers.

    Almost missed the "dedelstein".


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