the silo

This extremely photogenic old silo
is no more
click here
to read what happened
in ChesapeakeBayWoman's
own words


  1. Parents with bulldozers, oh heavens. That was a wonderful post and my condolences.

  2. Sad story indeed.

    Now if the the barn was blue -

  3. I know how ChesapeakeBayWoman feels. I also hate to see beauty things bite the dust.

    Your photo is great It has a lovely variety of beautiful reds.

  4. Parents! this is what happens when they get older and caution becomes the watch word. I commented on CBW's post. I would need anger management counseling.

  5. OUCH... my heart goes out to the owner of that barn. LOVE THE SHOT!

  6. What a shame, it was a great old structure.

    I hope her mother breathes easier now at least.

  7. *sniff* Thank you so much. I'm still walking around in shock. It's tragic.

    Your picture is wonderful, especially love the distressed red on the barn. WE won't discuss the silo lest I begin sobbing.

    Thanks again.

  8. Love your close up of the silo Daryl. At least you guys captured some pictures of it!

  9. Great photo Daryl..

    yes, very sad about the about it on cbw's blog yesterday...

  10. This is a beautiful photo. I am so sorry the silo is gone. Hate to see such things disappear. What a great poem she wrote, too.

  11. I don't even know if I have a pic of it. Did you see Kate on her photo a day blog? It's also a beauty.

  12. That is a very photogenic old silo. A shame that it is too more.

  13. Well that's a heartbreaker. Glad to see you all have photos...

  14. So sad but lovely that you have a picture to remember it by.

  15. I love old by one they seem to disappear. So sad to hear this one is gone as well.

  16. Oh what a shame, what a shame, what a shame. I haven't read the original post yet, but just knowing this old girl is no longer standing is enough.


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