monochrome monday

Doctor Sax
lyrics by Michael Franks

By day
He's a grease monkey it's true
A slave
Fix your transmission like new
Change oil
Rotate your tires of course
He toils
Under the Flying Red Horse
And at six he rolls
Down his sleeves
Turns his collar up
When the boss man leaves
Close up the shop
Puts away his tools
Gives the last car keys
To the gas pump fools
Then he's home at last
No more goodwrench scene
And he scrubs his hands
Till they're surgeon clean
Takes a long hot shower
Some cologne and then
The change is complete
He's himself again
At night he's Doctor Sax
He's Mister Tenor Virtuoso
He plays to rhythm tracks on tape
No one like Doctor Sax
Not even Trane or Bird could blow so
The girls have heart attacks, they say
(He'll put it all on wax one day)
Some day
He will live just in his mind
Some way
Leave all his misery behind
His horn
He will blow breaking the curse
Under the Flying Red Horse

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  1. I have been listening to Michael Franks for almost thirty years. One of my favs.

  2. oh, Daryl, this was wonderful - both the photo and words!

  3. Oh I love that photo. It says so much...frameable too.

  4. great photo and I like the lyrics too Daryl, so poetic.

  5. What a great place to play, the acoustics just right for an outdoors performance surely, A wonderful image!

  6. Brilliant photo and lyrics. You match them well. I haven't heard those lyrics before. Off a-googling...

  7. It seems like I saw that guy or someone like him on TV and he said he likes the echo under the bridge there. Very cool. Can I come and be you for a day?

  8. Soon, it will be too cold. Let's just enjoy the moment. How wonderful that you take the time to add the poetry!

  9. Margaret said it. The acoustics must be great in that spot. A wonderful photo!

  10. I love this shot so much I won't even mention that Mr. Tenor Virtuoso is playing an alto sax in it. Oops. Guess I just did, huh?

    Gotta disagree with Mr Franks on one thing though. Don't care who this cat is, nobody blows a tenor like Trane did. Sonny Rollins comes close -- real close -- but Trane's legend man. And a homey... sorta. Different part of the state and a way different time than me, but he and Monk were both native sons of NC.

  11. Man... I pulled the trigger before I could say this reminds me of the story of Sonny Rollins on the Washington Street Bridge. He basically took a year off from performing and recording and just hung out there getting his thing together. In fact, he even cut an album called "The Bridge" that was supposedly centered on that period of his life.

  12. Great post...but look at what you had to work with! Could it be anything else?

  13. Great picture, great put this one all together nicely. Tough way to make a living blowing a sax under a bridge...

  14. Great shot.. with the curve of the tunnel and the curves of the sax. And a perfect marriage with those lyrics.

  15. WONDERFUL! Perfect combo--makes my day. Thank you.

  16. I love this shot and great choice of song lyrics to acoompany it.

  17. Great shot, Daryl and love the lyrics. I remember taking a photo like this of another sax player as a couple were walking their dog through the arch. Lots of musicians like the acoustics they get from under the overpass.
    Love it.

  18. Dang, lovin' the comments as well as the pic. I didn't know you were a jazz person, knew about Mojo, but not you. cool.

  19. Yep - sax needs a touch of dark and a glimpse of light!

  20. This photo really captures the mood! These are made for black and white! Love the words you took the time to add... Beautiful moment captured!

  21. This was terrific..I love everything about this captivating. Thanks for the treat to come here and find your beautiful reflections in this post-

  22. I can hear him - right across the ocean :-)

  23. That is such a fabulous photo Daryl, one could weave a story around it. :)

  24. Sounds of the sax float up from this great photo. Reminds me of the talented guy who always played on the CTA platform in Chicago.
    p.s. I'm so glad you knew about Queen for a Day! I watched with my favorite: Auntie Fern.

  25. Great find Daryl, No matter were or how you live....
    If music is in your soul you will play....:-)

  26. Love the lyrics and the photo and the sentiment. I always feel like myself again once I'm at home every afternoon.

  27. Oh, I like this very much. Wish I could hear him!

  28. I can almost hear the music echoing off those bricks!

  29. the tunnel and the guy with the sax...very street scene. nice foto!

  30. Oh, this is a GREAT photo, and my favorite kind, the kind that can be interpreted any number of way: the lines of the brick are like the bars of a jail cell (his day job). Yet interspersed is that cross, like the red cross, something which comes to your aid (his music). He's inside an enclosure (his day job) yet there is light and freedom just a few steps away (his music).

    Great picture.

  31. Oh my, is this the NYC version of my sax player on the Seine?? Great shot and words D.

  32. A very interesting picture to look at! On can almost hear the music.

  33. Nice shot of the busker, I took some in Central Park NYC a few months ago.


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