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Aren't you bummed you missed this?
So was I!


  1. Wastin' away again in Margaritaville!!

    We're waiting on a hurricane now: oh the reality of Island life is a bit different than the songs. For better and worse . . . .
    Aloha and pass the shaker of salt ;-) Daryl!

    Comfort Spiral

  2. Yes, I would have enjoyed that one a whole lot.

  3. Are you a Parrothead, Daryl? Who knew?! :-)

  4. I took that same pic!!

    And what's even more odd, Daryl, is that today's post on my photo a day blog was taken right across the street from this photo of yours!! This is fun.

  5. yep.
    i so like his songs.
    so beachy.
    good catch.

  6. well.... I support Jimmy's Margaritaville quite often! Did you know that Dolly Pardon once performed in that little theatre? My father in law also wrapped his Indian around the light pole that is in the front of the joint... that was news was just as big around these parts as Dolly!

  7. Yes, Donk's theater used to be a movie theater...I saw my first movie there sitting wide-eyed in the front row. Tarzan, in black and white.

    It's been a live-music theater for many years now, and Ann Marie is correct Dolly Parton did in fact perform here.

    The emcee who hosts these present-day shows likes to say that when he hugged Dolly Parton it was the two best things that ever happened to him.

    WE don't get out much around here....

  8. Oh No! Had I known I would have definitely BEEN THERE! It kinda brings a little tear to my eye... I'm a huge Jimmy Buffett fan!

  9. Well, how was I to know?

    Down in Key West there's a store owned by Buffett in which you can buy all kinds of tacky stuff with his name printed thereon.

    I didn't buy anything.

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

  10. Donk. I love that name. In fact, I say, "donk" alot, as well as "doink". :^)

  11. Noooo. Jimmy Buffet concerts around here are like, crazyville. went one, ONCE, and I will never go back.
    But I'll bet Donk's put on a heckuva show!

  12. I love this shot!, but I love signs and what they say -

  13. ...let's all get drunk and ****!!!...

  14. Well...I do know for sure that I would be a Cheeseburger in Paradise if I could frequent a place called "Donk's." And that Donk's looks the way it does, all 1950s retro and such? Icing on the cake!

  15. Yes! I would have loved that. Great colors in that shot.

  16. I would have been except that we are boycotting Mr. Buffet because of his thing against Canadians.

    What goes around comes around you know.....

  17. Give me a Cheeseburger in Paradise anytime...but first let me find that lost shaker of salt ;) Fun!

  18. Sorry it doesn't mean anything to me but it's very striking and colourful! :)

  19. You get a chance to redeem yourself
    and retain Parrothead status on
    Nov.24th at the Garden... the real
    deal... it will be wild and he may even wear his Gator jacket..
    ya never know !


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