my sky

The George Washington Bridge
spanning the Hudson River
connecting New York & New Jersey
(at approx. 181st Street)
as seen from the West 79th Street Boat Basin

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  1. Wow !!! Great choice.
    Nice photo.

    I usually think of tall buildings against the sky.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Come visit,
    Troy and Martha

  2. Those are busy waters! I like the blue and red details on the boats - match perfectly the style of your header image!

  3. Lovely photo of YOUR sky ... so different from my own ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Great shot!
    And like Ellie said - those are busy waters!

    Have a nice weekend :)

  5. My husband would love to be out there! The first thing he wants us to do is rent a boat to travel the Intercoastal Canal~from Texas to Florida. That should tell you how much he loves the water(ocean). I, myself, am a freshwater person....but this picture makes me want to be out there too!!

  6. love your PHOTO & STORY....I feel the swell, the spray and the life!

  7. Great composition! You caught so many lines and shapes. . .especially love the 'miniature' cars on the bridge.

  8. Love all the lines created by the masts. The water looks choppy!

  9. like this watery skywatch post :)
    i am ready for a day on the water...are you?

    have a great evening.

  10. I've drive across that! Some time ago...but, still...

    Love this photograph! Probably because I love bridges, water, boats, skies! And you got 'em all!

  11. Wonderful shot! I see everything in there except the Little Red Lighthouse under the Great Gray Bridge. and I really love Spanish Harlem, where it can be found.

  12. ...the waters look so choppy...when did you take this? I have some great shots just north of the GW I will post soon.
    looks like a postcard...

  13. Gorgeous, all except that traffic. I've been across that bridge many times in a former life.

    What I love the most about the picture is that the tippy tops of the masts mimic the top of the bridge span - in other words starts off high and dips down low.


  14. I love sailing. We dont have a sail boat but we are going boating this weekend.
    More beauty by Daryl.

  15. Is lovely. Used to drive over that bridge regularly going to and from Vermont from Washington DC. Also took the wrong turn off the first time into New York. Lovely shot.

  16. Hey.. I was just at Black Rock Forest and Newburgh Marina for lunch on Saturday. I'm dating a man that lives there. He drove all the way to Staten Island to get me at 8 AM and than back home later. Great day. Weather was good too; just a tad too hot.

    He works right by Rockefeller Center and lives upstate (originally from Staten Island).

    I'm meeting him tomorrow at 2PM we'll take the Trestle Train back to his home and I'm sleeping over to spend the day up there Saturday again.

    I love getting out of NYC for he diversity.. to go UPSTATE.. but I have to say I get enough nature in the parks in Manhattan / Staten Island.. and love the convenience and diversity of NYC much better.

    I am looking forward to the trestle train ride.. sound scary since no rails on either side.. I saw it .. and it looked nice and high up.. a bit too high.. OKAY I'm SCARED.

  17. my favorite bridge!

    I rmember attending a week long training at Columbia a few years ago and watching the bridge and river all day long.....

    "Flow river flow -flow to the sea;
    wherever that river flows
    that's where I want to be..."

    Comfort Spiral

  18. A lovely summery shot and a side of NY not often shown too.

  19. After my crossing of The Hudson yesterday, I'd like to opt for one of those boats. Ya think they could fit my little car on one of those puppies this coming Sunday? ;)

  20. I remember this bridge. Great shot!
    Happy weekend.

  21. I love this. It reminds me of San Francisco a little. I love it when the water looks rough and wild. I'm a drama queen I guess.

  22. Great capture, lovely with the boats in front, well done!!

    Have a nice SWF

  23. that's a wonderful view of the GWB. I love all the small craft and the choppy water

  24. I love, love, love the sailboats! Excellent shot!

  25. Nice shot and rather a different aspect of New York from the usual.

  26. I would not mind being Darylized, I guess...

  27. That's a beautiful shot. Makes me want to go sailing.

    I also like your signs in the next post. Blogger is taking forever to load comments so I won't try to click that one.

  28. This looks like wild waters to be out on, for me. Makes for a great photo.

  29. I love that bridge. New York and the wild all at once.

  30. This was a good shot too must have a great lens to get that shot. Wish my camera would do that!

  31. That river looks a lot bluer (cleaner) than it did when I saw it about 18 months ago! This almost looks like a painting, too. Something about the light...


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