A whine about commenting

Why do people, you know who you are, who participate in Mr Linky MEMES leave a URL which is NOT the one for the MEME they signed up/in to?

Why do some blogs, you know who you are, have a WHOLE page to scroll down to get to the comment box only to find a link to another whole page to scroll down to get to the comment box and then there's the word verification and then - you know who you are - the comment is held for owner approval!!!!!!!

People! Get a grip! Its a comment!

Aren't TWO pages of scrolling to leave a comment with word verification enough?

Next I expect to see 'enter your blood type including RH factor' .

Do you, yes, you know who you are, not get annoyed by this when you visit blogs that seem better protected than Fort Knox?

Do you ever just get so frustrated you don't leave a comment?

Have you noticed there's no standard spot for comments on blogs? I must spend 2 or 3 seconds looking for the comment link on each blog I visit.

AND why ... why ... why do you get insulted when I don't reply to your comment when it clearly says

I only reply to comments by email, so if you're not set up that way don't think I didn't read or appreciate the time you took ... I just find it easier to be clever and personal in email format. :-D

If you want to get a reply, include your email address ...


I feel better.

I needed to let that out ... so please consider how hard you make it to leave a comment ... do you ever wonder why you get such monosyllabic comments from me?

I am exhausted by the time I get to the comment box.

And given my age, I probably forgot what I was seeing/reading by then.


  1. OMG...did I write this in my sleep? Did I send it to you via mental telepathy? And I'll have a slice of cheddar and pears with my whine...

  2. I'll happily contribute the cheese for this whine.

    I don't mind the accidental wrong link, I do that much too often myself, but I do mind people leaving links to blogs that have nothing at all do do with the subject, like the shmuck who leaves links to his real estate ads on WW. I also really, REALLY hate having to search for the comment form and then jump through all sorts of hoops to use it. If it's that hard to comment it really makes makes me want to not bother.

  3. I rather agree. That is why I don't make too many hurdles for people who wish to communicate with me.............
    Oh well, no use getting too serious about the whole thing..........
    But glad you told it like it is!

  4. You missed one. Do you (you know who you are) really expect me to fall all over myself to respond to "Nice shot! Happy WW! Mine is at http://imacommentandtraffichooer.blogspot.com/"

    Sorry, I have enough trouble keeping up with the comments form people who actually say something. Rule of thumb: If the URL for your out link is longer than your comment, it's probably not going to get a lot of responses.

  5. amen. Say it again. (ok well you don't have to say it again, just leave this post up!)

  6. Sometimes I think all the hoops you have to jump through are ways to cure early alzheimers.

    Sometimes I am just brain dead after commenting.

    Awesome post...just awesome and rightly said.

    I am not one of the blogs that you are talking about, right? Now I have a complex.

  7. I hate word verification! I did put it on once after I got quite a lot of spam comments but took if off again after a few days. The blogs where one has to scroll down past endless 'bumf' to get to a post wind me up most of all. :(

  8. My thoughts, exactly. I've actually left a blog without leaving a comment, because I couldn't find where to leave one. Shh. Don't tell.

  9. Oh amen! Especially that last but about age and forgetting. ACK!

  10. LOL! I have a hard time finding where to comment on some blogs!

  11. You have just articulated one of my biggest gripes about commenting. I figure anyone who needs to "moderate comments" doesn't need or want my comment. And I almost always have to put my fucking reading glasses on to accurately fill in a word verification thingy. Why all the damn fuss? If you don't like a comment you can shitcan it anyway. Oh how I hope this isn't one of the clean language sites.

  12. OH




    I am so in line with you on this and give up sooner than it appears you do.

    Josie did a post on exactly this same thing not long ago.

    I'm SO glad you posted this. And I agree that people should get a grip. If you're so worried about safety or privacy, don't blog!

  13. I agree completely Daryl. I might add that blogger blogs are the hardest to comment on if you don't use blogger.
    Unless you sign up and get a blogger id. But if I wanted a blogger id, I'd use blogger. Google owns enough of the world, they don't get my blogging soul too!
    Please let that be a frame of reference for how much I love my bloggy friends!


  14. I am with you on the comment link being hard to find, and my particular pet peeve is when it is back up at the TOP of the post instead of at the bottom where it belongs. Who comments on a post BEFORE they've read it? And why should I have to scroll back up to the top to leave a comment after I've read your post? Sometimes I don't bother...

  15. I have noticed that those blogs with the newer version of blogger will not allow my comment the first time around. So I come back and try to remember the clever antidote I wrote 5 minutes ago. And then, it still does not go through. At this point, I say, why bother, and I am off to another blog. I am so with you on this one, Daryl!!

  16. I doubt you were attempting humor, but you did it anyway. So true. I agree with it all, almost especially with the standard location. I hate that my comment spot is at the top of the post, but I'm too blog illiterate to change it. (I went through a lot of garbage to find a template that worked for me.)

    As for replying by e-mail. It is rare that I subscribe to comments or go back and check if there is a reply. I reply to comments via e-mail, and I like it when that's how people reply to me.

    Although whining isn't my favorite thing (I have small children and teach elementary school art), I love a good, legitimate rant! Well done!

  17. The ones that bug me are the ones that make you go back up to the top to comment - or the memes that I want to comment on and can't find where at all.
    Mine make you wait for approval because I kept getting spam. I don't mind that, so long as they tell you and don't just let you hanging.

  18. Be positive!

    That's my blood type.. just in case. ;)

  19. My pet peeve is Wordpress. If you have a Google/Blogger account, many times you write a long comment and it doesn't go through. I figured that out the hard way on a blog hop blogging event. Must a lost 20 comments. If I find a blog and it's Word Press, I'm usually scared to say anything!

    And I love the ones that say, "Just stopping by to say hi. Hope you'll visit at: http://www.I'lltrytodotheleastpossiblethingIcandoandcouldn'tcarelessaboutyourblogbutIknowyou'llneverknowaboutmeunlessIleaveacommentpretendingIactuallycareandIknowit'spatentlyobviousI'veneverreadawordyouwrote.blogspot.com/ "

    I'm pretty much over the rest and know that my comment button is at the bottom of every post. Easy breezy. The only thing is word veri but most of us get a kick out the wacky words and I even post about them occasionally. I ain't givin' up MATERIAL!

  20. Rant, rave, whine, And beg for cheese and fruit.
    I took off the comment thingy, I have gone straight to comment. no checking anything... no passing go, no collecting... If I get a freeking virus or a bug you will get the bill!
    hugs and all that.
    Now I feel better too :)

  21. Yes, it's annoying. I agree. And I've left blogs without saying anything after typing in a lengthy comment several times and just giving up. I don't want to have to jump through hoops just to say hello and how much I enjoyed what they had to say that day.
    Good one.

  22. Ok Maxine, I agree with you completely.. so I must not be one of those you know who you are folks.. right ?? Hope not...
    but it is good to whine and get it
    out and over...doncha feel better ?
    I know the laugh was good for me...

  23. OMG tell me now if I am one of the 'you know who you are's' = quelle horruer!

    I have to say I agree though, the only time I had word ver on was when you did too, thanks to our buddy Ed. Now I just have it on posts 3 days or more old, to protect me from a mass Ed hit again going back weeks.

  24. Ain't it the truth? But I think some people don't understand how to do a permalink to the exact spot. I didn't at first.

    But uh-oh. I'd better go check my comment set-up. I don't have moderation on, so that should be okay. If I have word verification (why do they call it word verification? shouldn't it be nonsense verification?) I'll leave it till next week so the spammers don't attack while I am gone.

    Don't know about the scrolling down part--I'll try to check that. And you have my e-mail.

    Were you preaching to the choir, Daryl? I bet some don't know who they are.

    Oh, yeah, Mojo--You are so right! if you are going to say something make it worthwhile. And then there there are some who paste the same comment on every post in a meme and it doesn't even make sense on most.

  25. I think some of you are being "Darylizers"... Are you changing the way you have your blog viewed now because of the views of Daryl? She has her views; you have yours. Some of you might be new bloggers. Some of you might not want the smutty language. You have your reasons. If they are valid ones, stick to them. Whiners can whine...but make sure that you change your blog for YOUR reasons.

  26. I don't have this problem. I'm not a member of anything and just read the handful of blogs I like and they are all relatively normal people. I think one of them has word verification, but she's so sweet I let it slide. I guess she has her reasons. Her son is in the service so maybe she was getting anti-war hate comments or something. Anyway good luck with this, but if I were you, I just wouldn't bother with those blogs. If it seems like work, it is.

  27. Totally in agreement with you here, Daryl!!! I mean...completely!

  28. I need it to be easy! this is only blogging.....

  29. Hi Daryl,
    I "know" Katney has a relevant point, I did not know until a couple of weeks ago i was not linking properly.
    It was when i posted three memes in one day that it was highlighted...:-)
    It's Simples: when you know how....:-))))

    Have a nice day....lol

  30. Amen my sistah!!

    and kudos to many of these comments, especially Mojo - that crap gets to me

    I don't even bother visting some blogs anymore - I see the link and know it's going to be torture

    as for the linking to a meme you're not taking part in - I don't mind if the link was wrong - sometimes I discover a really cool post as I scroll down to the relevant one

    it is the folks who link and then DO NOT post that piss me off

    or those who post a mystery - on Sunday I got to one of Robin's Summer people and went down 6 posts - all of them might have been summer, none of them were labeled as such - and then I just left, it really pissed me

    if you're going to be someone who posts all freakin' day long then label the damn posts - clearly you have the time!

  31. Helpful Hint from Beginner: One can at least ENLARGE the word COMMENT by going to Customize and clicking on to Fonts and Colors for a menu. Pick the last offering, Post Footer Font, click and choose two options either 'smaller' or 'larger' Click one or the other several times to arrive at the desired size!

    Another useful aid in the system is the automatic posting of the 'noreplycomment' that alerts the blogger of a comment that has been made. This, I wish I knew how to implement for myself!

  32. You have expressed exactly what I have felt for some time. There a certain blogs I will not offer a comment simply because it takes too long. You know who you are out there in cyberspace.

  33. I forget what I was reading or what I was initially going to say after reading all the comments!! I'm really bad at commenting, I only comment regularly on about half the blogs I read... I seriously cannot keep up!

    I hear ya on all the verifying and waiting for owner approval... I don't usually go back to see if my comment was approved, hmmmm.

  34. Yeah, when I come across a blog that has such hoops to jump through, I throw my hands up very quickly and say "Not worth my time!" and move on...yep, that's a bloggin' boner...

  35. Amen! I hate the go here, go there, use your password, verification, etc.. I seriously just don't leave comments.

    And I HATE HATE that people leave comments with questions with a no-reply email! Cause I answer email too. And I think I stole your "reply via email" thing too.

  36. Ha, I know it can be frustrating. One thought about the wrong link. I hate the way that the Linky will automatically have your blog and name filled in, if you've used it before. It's easy to forget to change it when you have two or more blogs or you've put in a dedicated post. I assume the wrong link is an accident.

    I've read posts before about blogging without obligation. I like that idea. Sometimes it's hard to comment, sometimes it's hard to reply, sometimes we're busy, and on and on and on. I really don't want anyone to feel any obligation to comment or reply to me and I assume they return the favor and understand, if it takes five minutes to leave a comment because of all a sluggish internet or difficulty finding the comment box then I probably won't be able to comment. Also, that may have been the longest run on sentence in history but I assume you'll forgive me not taking the time to edit, ha. Cheers, Carver

  37. I am appalled and horrified. NAW, too busy rolling all over the floor. A very long time ago (2 weeks) when I first found your blog, I sent you hugs and kisses and chocolates because you didn't require a word verification and known from the get-go if you weren't speaking to me it was my very own fault. So sorry some idg-it rattled your cage. Not nice BUT I will have a smile all day from this, thanks Daryl.

  38. I'm with you - if I have to try twice, I probably just don't comment. There was one blog I finally quit reading because she changed the comment form and it wouldn't accept my comments.

    I would add to the whine, why do you lurk and not comment? I must have had 10 relatives last weekend (at various reunions) tell me they love my blog. But none of them ever comment!

  39. Hi ~ I was just thinking how I might start responding by email to some of my loyal followers - it makes me feel kind of special when you do write me personally - as if my comment really does matter. I am so computer illiterate that I get frazzled easily and feel I need a degree on some blogs in order to leave a comment. I don't understand the Mr. Linky Winky gadget and I hate it when I have to do math problems in order to leave a comment. And since I am on a whine roll - I get really frustrated when people are rude and don't take the time to ever leave comments on my blog when I have taken the time to leave them repeated comments - my rule is three strikes and you are out! There. Thanks for allowing me to vent. Oh...and I usually delete anonymous comments - if you are afraid to show your true identity then I won't waste my time responding to you. Happy Blogging!

  40. Aha! So this is what Anon got in a tizzy about?
    I concur although I probably am guilty of putting in the url for my blog rather than the actual post. But most of the time with me, when you click on the url for my blog, the post in question is the top and newest post. So it isn't an issue.

    I hate word verification. I don't understand the need for it if you are moderating the comments.
    So that's my twopenn'orth. And I look forward to your emails. I do.

    I must be a Darylizer. *shrug*

  41. holy cow. i am so so sorry. i will take off the password protection, the cow-guard, two of the 'are you sure you want to leave a comment' boxes and the enchantment.

    BUT THE DANCING SMILEY FACE STAYS. it's the only way to keep out the wanna-bes.

  42. I agree 100%... 'nough said... by the way, has anyone told you that you're beautiful lately? Your photo is fabulous.


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