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On Washington St. near 13th

I just got this photo and email message from Rob at Inukshuk Adventure

Yes, I liked your sign. This one seen on Spadina Avenue, Toronto a little while ago.
Ought to be a good adventure - it was filmed in South Africa, so a little personal interest there.

It does make for an interesting pic though. Will have to keep an eye out for some more marketing here in London.

AND .. over at Mary's Ruby Tuesday MEME she posted a shot of the same sign on a bus stop .. check it out here


  1. Fantastic sign post !! This is simply lovely and great..Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

  2. I wonder if that sign was stolen from the set of Men In Black? It looks like you were right about Adam. Good call!

  3. I like makes me wonder who would make the cut, if that sign was posted on the entrance door to my place of employment!

  4. I called by for your Sky Watch... which is a beauty by the way... I got way layed by the Cartoon which I thought was great and had me thinking about how good a post that was.. Jane loved it and we both send our fondest wishes for the next 31.
    Then there's this... I alway new the you New Yawkers were mad... ha!.. no I know why.. whats worry is I see this was from the 'Meat District' the mind boggles at the meat the 'Non Humans' might be after.

    All in all what this mad man from England is saying is today I really enjoyed my visit, and your posts.. I don't know when you changed your header but I love it..

    Catch you again soon and thank you for your visits, comments and always asking about Jane.. it pleases her no end... and I do pass on the messages and show her the comments and post. Jane is more into Face Book than blogging.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Oh, I was wondering where they all went. I should have known it was NYC.

  6. this made me chuckle out loud...too dang hilarious.

  7. Wow, have they spread there already? Beware...they changed life in Johannesburg forever.....whatever you do, stay out of restricted areas!!! August 14th is D-9 day!

  8. I had to check it out....another alien movie!

  9. I'm with Country keep em all there.

  10. I can NOT wait to see this film! All the marketing has been so clever.

    Wait, what's that you say? There's no film?

  11. Is that fair? Would my crab, Phil and JJ be snubbed?

  12. Hilarious sign!

    I got caught up on all your posts I missed while on vacation...
    Love, loved, loved your Mathews recap!
    The sandal picture for Summer Stock Sunday was priceless!
    That little bird on Wordless Wed. is precious.
    I'm so jealous you met George!
    Congrats on your anniversary!

    Yes, I totally saw your little bird.
    Must be the season for it!

  14. So, I will feel right at home when I come up there to visit!!!

    That makes me feel so much better!

  15. Well, I guess I know where I will NOT be allowed to hang out the next time I'm in NYC;)

  16. Love it! Did you guys go crazy and hit Baskin Robbins for your anniversary?


    I certify that I am a human and I did approve this message.

  17. Mary had one of these on her Ruby Tuesday post
    I was a bus stop sign for humans only
    great marketing campaign

  18. Wow, finally going after the illegal aliens Men In Black Style...

  19. Okay, I must be the last human to not get it. Guess I'll have to check out the website they list at the bottom of the sign.

    It's funny as hell though, even if you don't understand the context!


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