my sky

At some point today
I drove over this bridge
with MentalPMama & TsAnnie.

Didn't take this shot today, nope,
took it the last time
I crossed this bridge
on the way to
Virginia for a wedding.

This time
its to attend
Blogfest Mathews VA

See ya Monday!


  1. Ah! Bridges and trains! I left them behind to live here in Waikiki. Sometimes I miss them, the grime, noise and thrill of the city. glad I can get it here, Daryl.
    Take lots of pictures!

    Comfort Spiral

  2. have a great wonderful time. I hope you document the event with your new camera and then share it all when you get back Daryl!

  3. Oh I LOVE bridges. They always make me want to go somewhere and that's just what you did. Can't wait to hear about it. I so hope you have a BALLLLLL! :)

  4. looking forward to a photo journal of Blogfest. Well, and candid shots of MP :)
    Great sky shot.

  5. enjoy the blogfest daryl.
    and, looking forward to all the pics to follow.
    great capture of the bridge.

  6. I love bridges and the upward view they pose.
    Have fun at Blog Fest!!

  7. I love the color combo on this one. Great shot. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  8. Gorgeous blue skies over the bridge! Enjoy yourselves in VA! We'll be waiting to hear all about it.

  9. Great shot of the bridge but just look at that blue sky! :0

  10. I really like the green beams against the blue sky.

    Have a wonderful trip! There's a little something waiting for you at my place when you get back :).

  11. Have a great time Daryl!
    And take lots of pictures!

    I love the first shot! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  12. The second one is great!!, lovely lines and well composed!!

    Have a nice SWF

    Greatings from NL

  13. I really enjoy unique shots like these, well done.

    Have a great weekend
    Regina In Pictures

  14. Blogfest? Where can I find one of those. Have fun.

  15. i want to go. why the hell do i live in wales?!?!

    i'm going to set up a wales blogfest dangit. if i build it, will they come?

  16. DelMemBr - that's how it's abbreviated round here in Jersey. Hope your bridge crossing was good.

  17. I like all the various lines and angles. I'm surprised you didn't do this in B&W...

    Hope all is well witcha!

  18. Loving it!!!!
    The last time I crossed that bridge was like, 3 years ago! WAH.

  19. I love that bridge. I hope you have fun in VA.

  20. Great photo! Looks like an incredible bridge!

  21. I don't see any trolls nor any Billy Goat Gruffs. Have a fun time in VA. Anxiously awaiting photos of your trip.
    Joyce M

  22. A beautiful sky you have got here, above the wonderful bridge! I always think the bridges make exciting photos, just like yours here :)


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