how i spent the afternoon

Remember this?
Well, I moved everything that was there


he could do

Now almost everything is back where it belongs,
I did a LOT of purging

The stuff under the desk?
well, its waiting for shelves ... sigh


  1. I bet you are just so happy with it being all nice and sparkly!!

    Enjoy the new digs! ANd BIG kudos to the hubs for a job well done.

  2. Are you having a celebratory libation now? I certainly hope so!

  3. Looks like the two of you have been very busy. That's hard work.

  4. i call that progress...he did that rather quickly :) a good thing. i like the windows in your apartment...very nice :)

  5. Looks so fresh and clean you love it.

  6. So much energy, the both of you. Ray looks as if he were made to paint. Is he wondering why he put it off for so long?

    It looks great, btw!

  7. So
    Did you do that thing with your mouth, yet?!
    Or are you waiting for shelves?
    (It looks good! I love your windows!)

  8. That was quite a job - for you, that is.
    Is he going to put up the shelves? Or do I dare ask?

  9. I heard you saying earlier it seemed to cluttery but you have everything so artfully arranged and I've always loved your work area. Oh - and Bo got the Mac. You win!

  10. Great job... moving - painting
    and then putting it all together
    again in one day...WHOA.. where do
    I sign Bob up for training by Ray.?? It took 5 days for the last
    project that should have been half
    a day...

  11. Oh my I had a good LOL at this post, you have him on a roll my friend! BTW I LURVE your fab windows.

  12. Fresh paint. The end result is worth the smell, even if you use low voc paint.

    Time for wine.

  13. It looks loverly! So does your window planter. I'd say so does the air conditioner, but, well.... ;-)

    Your hubs is a very good boy!

    Now go find that Original Sin!

  14. Very clever post, Daryl...the question is how did you ever find everything again and how could you possibly decide which treasure to "purge" and which one to keep?

    That would drive me batty. Battier?

    But the finished product certainly looks grand.

    Tell your husband he has probably created a lot of work for a lot of husbands out in blogger land! -;)

  15. OK OK one thing at a time. Have some wine. It looks wonderful.

  16. Aw... It looks so clean! Loved the coffee cup and the fan... what's this about AC??

  17. What a chore, but I bet you are a happy camper..umm blogger now.

    Kuddos to your hubby!

  18. Nice collection of memorabilia, reminds me of our house. We have about 55 kid years of projects saved, and still going :)

  19. Great job Daryl..that is terrific. Also a fan of those windows...are they stained glass or is that the green leaves and trees outside?
    Have been so enjoying all the blogfest photos! What a wonderful time it was!

  20. purging is good

    your windows are beautiful!!

  21. Looks great! The shelves underneath will come in their own time... right?

  22. The new paint is looking good! That had to have been a lot of work - both the moving of stuff and the purging! Good for you!

  23. Purging is good. I have an entire garage that needs to be "purged" although for some reason, I don't think that's happening anytime soon.

    I really wish I had that kind of energy. It looks great. New paint always seems to give things a new life...a breath of fresh air.

  24. I feel like I am in good company at the moment. Why doesn't one do the purging in the winter, I wonder. The thrift stores are so handy for taking stuff. Your place looks comfortable and the windows - what a treat! Now, back to my mess - it is going to take ages. But yours (and his) finishing touches are inspiring!

  25. The knickknack area looks great, but what I'm seriously coveting is your windows!

  26. Great windows!
    Great hubby!
    Great blogger
    Great friend!

    Are you a Mac? or PC?

    Aloha Sistah

    Comfort Spiral

  27. Here's hoping the shelves don't take as long as the paint. But that's a manly-man project. Like installing an oven or something. So ...

  28. The bonus to a new paint job is how things get neatened up at the same time. Look great!

  29. What? No picture of the basket? Glad it's freakin painted though! Nice...

  30. You have inspired me to PAINT THE FREAKIN' DINING ROOM!

    And living room.
    And kitchen.
    And office.
    And the beat goes on . . .


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