dream, she said

Thank you, Baroness


  1. Such a cool photo...I love mine as well. It takes me right back to that so special time.

  2. Thanks for your quick reply to my missing photos. I have not deleted or changed the photos so I have no idea why this has happened and it is seems to be here and there with no specific reason as to why some are falling into the black hole:) Oh well, I am too busy to try and go back to post the photos again since I am certainly not going to be in the blogger hall of fame or win a blog award and it is all just for fun and friendships:) Thanks again.

  3. I noticed the word "Dream" is written on a partially opened cover and the door behind it is ajar...

    Are you saying that your "dream," if pursued, can open doors for the future?

    I like it!

    Spiffy photo, too.

  4. S.w.e.e.t shot. I don't know if The Baroness sent you the photo or the subject, but either way... wicked cool shot!

  5. Dreaming is one of my favorite hobbies. I daydream. I nightdream. Wonderful photo, a wonderful gift. Enjoy!

  6. DREAM-like!

    Who is this Baroness you speak of? Sounds like someone to know.

    Aloha Daryl-

    Comfort Spiral

  7. This is one cool photo!

    Woot - I kinda made in onto the M104! I'm kvelling. Really!!

    May your dream wish be within your grasp and just delicious!


  8. With a word, this certainly brings out our thoughts and dreams :)

  9. I dream all of the time...night time and day dreaming. It's lovely.

  10. this is fantastic...
    creatively composed stunner!

  11. oh, I don't know what this is all about, but I love the dream sign - so many people don't have any dreams - it's a good reminder!


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