blog fest recappage

Its hard to believe it was one week ago today
that Mama (Mental P to you'all)
picked me up at a few minutes past the butt crack of dawn
to head down to
Virginia ..
Mathews, Virginia..
to BLOG FEST!!!!!!

We made excellent time pulling
into CountryGirl Kate's
amazingly beautiful driveway at a little past 10 a.m.

Met George in person but
& it made him hide

After Annie joined us
we got everything stowed away & set out for Virginia

Kate is the most awesome map reader/navigator in the history of the world ....
okay so I maybe exaggerating a teensy bit.

Back on the road we listened to Mama's favorite talk shows on XM Sirius radio
sticking close behind Annie's car.

It was a mostly uneventful ride ... we stopped for lunch at The Cracker Barrel about 11:30ish and had some good food and chat.

Stopped at a gas station on Historyland Highway (where I shot this critter) to decide which of the two routes (both our landlord for the weekend AND Chesapeake Bay Woman, a Blogfest hostess along with Angie (BigHairEnvy), provided directions) to take, to use the facilities AND buy some water ...

he woman at the register asked me if I was going to take pix of the 'Ladies Room' ... I said no, but she thought I ought to.

I didn't.

I am like that.

Without too much trouble we found the Sea Shanty,
our home for the weekend

After unpacking we headed over to
Chesapeake Bay Woman's
(hereinafter ref'd to as Janice)

Janice's delightful mother Mary Ann (who looks like Joanne Woodward)
helped with all the fabulous food and drink
as did all the bloggers
everyone brought something
(I brought 3 dozen H&H Bagels)

I don't know what time we all got back to Sea Shanty

how many bloggers it takes to open a trundle bed

I do know it was after my regular bedtime and I was wide awake until I was fast asleep.

On Friday morning we woke to the most oppressive humidity ever.

Kate and I drove to the QuickMart to get provisions for breakfast ... silly us, when we got to Janice's there was another huge spread set out ... after eating and gabbing (two activities bloggers excel at) we piled into cars, SUVs and Jeeps forming a caravan and headed out to

Bethel Beach/New Point to see the Lighthouse & a lots of yucky little sand crabs.
This is a dead crab ... trust me, its prettier than a live one

Air was so thick with smog
we could barely see the Lighthouse
but we did try

Next on the agenda
was a photo op stop at the Tabernacle
which is
"below the court house"
on Tabernacle Road

Then... Lunch at Chef Todd's at court house
and a little shopping in Mathews before the rain hit.
And a visit with the ladies who run Mathews Visitors Center

Dinner at Sandpiper Reef Restaurant in Hallieford
a wonderful experience for most -
for 2 of us
not so much
BUT we all had fun
We were joined by one of Janice's blog commenter's brothers
who quizzed us as well as mesmerized us on/with Mathews lore...

Saturday was a lot nicer ..
a lot nicer
we caravaned to the Davis Creek dock
The Waterman, aka the Get Away Driver
(and husband of Ann Marie holding Binky)
took us out on the Bay in his boat
Lots of pix were taken
some others (other than me)
got actual full shots of a pod of
dolphins porpoises

On to a private beach on Gwynn Island overlooking Hills Bay

Spending the rest of the day sunning, floating & of course eating/drinking
That good looking hunk
grilled us some hot dogs, burgers & salmon

all of Mathews has only dial up internet
as there are no cell towers around
near the beach ....
something to do with boats needing to reach those on land in the event of trouble

Can you believe that is more important
than blogging on high speed internet connections
even making a cellphone call
(if you are not a Verizon subscriber)
without losing the connection!?!


As soon as the connectivity was discovered
There was talking, tweeting, texting
others continued to float



Our hostess provided
some spectacular SkyWatch worthy skies
as the sun set over the far side of the bay.

Diane(AsthmaGirl) and Shelley(the Baroness)
had early flight out of Newport News
so they were on the road by 6:45;
the rest of us hit the road at 8 on the nose
caravaning back to Kate's before heading north.

And here we are 12 zillion hours later
that's Mama, the tart, chic, amazing chauffeur and friend, with me
outside Casa Edelstein
where Husband,
eager to see me after 4 days away,
met us camera in hand
(he needs his own blog!)
to record our auspicious return
carry my bags!

I am SO looking forward to next year, cause this has got to be an annual event!


  1. I can tell by the group photo you all are a lot of fun.
    thanks for the story Daryl, good good stuff!

  2. Oh how absolutely wonderful, I soooo wish I was close enought to partake next year. This just made me smile, bloggers are the best people there are :-)

  3. What a fantastic way to spend a weekend.

    And you brought 3 dozen bagels? Can you visit me next?!? Please? Pretty please?!?

  4. oh man, how much fun was that?!!!!!! - to be with fellow bloggers face to face - very cool - imagine, some people thing blogging is a waste of time!! - and I did a small dance of joy for Ray's paint surprise for you! double bonus :)) xo

  5. I don't know how you squeezed it all in one post! Wow!

    So... did I hear that Ray painted???

  6. Aww what a wonderful recap of events. I loved the beach photos.. nay.. all of the photos. Sounds like it was the perfect getaway.. and warm return. :)

  7. That all sounded great except for the A.M.ness of it all. I don't do mornings. And now, pray tell, what went wrong at the seafood restaurant?

  8. Wow! What a great post/coverage of the VA Blogfest. I'm going next year whether anyone likes it or not. I love your pictures. They make me feel like I was almost there...

    I have no doubts that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

  9. Wow, that was a long post for you. An a most enjoyable one too.
    For the curious, what's the scoop on dinner that didn't work out for two of you?
    I'm so disappointed that I didn't go. But the posts make me feel less so.

  10. what a great re-cappage post

    all great photos, I really love the beach shots

    and so many shiny happy people

  11. Yes, an annual event! I am liking all the pictures you took in COLOR!
    So "tripsy" is doing a good job? you all look like you were very relaxed and enjoying each other. And the rest of the story... in email. xoxo

  12. WOW! What a grand time you must have had! I LOVE the photo of the inverted footprint!

    Pesonally, have been away too long.


  13. Thanks for sharing blogfest weekend through these photos! Looks like you have the new camera figured out - great photos! There is not much better than a weekend with good friends, good food, laughter and beautiful sunsets - glad you had this adventure!

  14. I am so jealous! I want to go! That looks so awesome and fun. What great shots too.

  15. It's fun to see the weekend through the eyes of another participant. You were right about the damn cell service - that was the one good conversation I had with home the whole weekend!

    Thanks for the recap Daryl...

  16. This reminds me so much of college road trips. Fun, fun, fun! What I can remember, of course.

  17. Wonderful recap Daryl! Your pictures are the best! I love that shot of you on the swing! We sure did have the best time EVAH!

  18. Wow. When you recap you really don't fool around! Looks like a blast -- sort of a "Baby BlogHer Weekend". Or are you heading for that too?

  19. What a fabulous survey of the best time in my life!!!

    I loved it and will definitely spend the whole time there next year!!

    Your new camera really rocks! I love all the shots and the re-cap was perfect.

  20. wow daryl...what an amazing post and all the photographs are awesome .

    i so wish i could have partaken in the fun and merriment of it all. next time can you bring me along too? i promise i will be good. really i will.


  21. What a wonderful recappage! That took a lot of work - thank you...for sharing this experience! There is just nothing like getting together with friends who share the same interests...

    And such a beautiful place!

  22. What a wonderful recap;) I wish we were there right now.

  23. I LOVE the photo of you on the swing....bearutiful, Dahling!

    **sigh** When are we going back?

  24. ...Awesome, awesome post Daryl and thank you, thank you, thank you! This made me feel like I was there, I think you covered just about everything! Again, thank you! :o)

    ...Blessings... :o)

  25. Well that was all sorts of lovely! I feel a Babs Streisand song coming on....Memoryyyyysssss......

  26. Oh what a great post Daryl, thanks for taking me along on your trip! Love the photos, especially the last one - you all look so happy. :)

  27. What a wonderful time! Gorgeous skies!
    Love the footprint in the sand, and that great swing.

  28. Thanks for filling in the blanks - and that picture of Diane is absolutely precious!!

  29. I have missed you so very much. I'm so very glad that I've gotten my act together to the point where I'm getting back out and about in time to see this post.

    You do pix like no other, Daryl! I feel like I was there with you...such a fun time. As I told The Mama, wherever your group is? That's where the fun is!

  30. Daryl, I've been following your blog on and off for a little while now. Just wanted to drop in and tell you how much I liked these photos, because they reminded me of a weekend or three of my own. I could almost smell the sea air, feel the sand under my feet, the cold water between my toes, sense the woods and the rustic air of the cabin. Thanks for posting.


  31. What a wonderful recap of the blogfest. You got some great shots and sounds like a wonderful time. It was fun for me that you brought the bagels because when we have a family reunion at the beach, my sister who lives in NYC always brings bagels, lox, and cream cheese as her contribution.

  32. Oh my!

    Can I come Daryl? (I wonder how long a flight it would be for me - do you think I could come to your place for a bit beforehand - what to do with brother's rafting...hmmm...whatabout The I need sunscreen- what about gluten-free food - can I have my own bathroom - do I look fat in my bathing suit - do I have enough of a tan to make it with the rest of the gals...will I stand out as an oddball - what about -

  33. Hope you don't mind my dear friend - but I nominated you -

    (I don't want the voucher I don't think - but I thought your blog worthy of being noted!)

  34. perfect recap! I have to say you did the best job of photo shopping that picture of me!

    I can't wait til next year...Blogfest 2010, here we come!

  35. I would have loved to have "eaten and gabbed" with you gals.
    Thanks for the tour of the trip. It looks like it was so much fun.

  36. It looks like a fabulous time. Now I am positively dying to get to a beach - and soon!

  37. What a fantastic recap..
    almost like being there..
    maybe next year I can.
    Thanks for sharing some wonderful
    memories and photos.

  38. What a fun trip and a beach day too with new blog friends. Can't get any better. I am sure you will all go again next year and maybe some of us NY southern gals will fly in and bring 3 dozen peaches:) Thanks for sharing the good times.

  39. This looks like SO much fun! I even had fun just reading and wishing I had a 'real' bagel. Thanks for sharing the good times ;O)

  40. It's the condensed version, all in a single post! Brilliant!
    The photos are great. And that second day was made to order. Perfect.
    Found my way around Baltimore to the restaurant and about. I had a nice map!

  41. there is possibly nothing i miss more than road trips. oh, and get-togethers.

    this looks like way more fun than the rainy beach i'm seeing in west wales.

    but both had crabs *of some kind* on them...

  42. *sigh*

    A'yup, twas a wonderful weekend with amazing women, delicious food and so many memorable moments.

    Looking forward to next year...and how!

  43. What a doll you are. Your photos speak volumes about you -- your inner eye is as beautiful as your outer skin.

    And I sound drunk. But I'm not.

    Okay if I steal you Sibley's window photo with linkage and credit? Trying to do a somewhat serious post and I don't have a photo of the general store!


  44. No wonder I worried a bit..dial-up??eeeww! As we get closer to the water, I hear the jaws theme music. Hilarious! What a great trip and terrific share. Now I'm hungry.


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