addendum to a whine about commenting

I was reading/replying to the comments on that post when I reached Anonymous's comment; I decided to share it with you'all since Anonymous feels strongly about his/her position on this subject:
I think some of you are being "Darylizers"... Are you changing the way you have your blog viewed now because of the views of Daryl? She has her views; you have yours. Some of you might be new bloggers. Some of you might not want the smutty language. You have your reasons. If they are valid ones, stick to them. Whiners can whine...but make sure that you change your blog for YOUR reasons.

So I am now replying directly to Anonymous:

Why did you post anonymously?
Was it too hard to register to leave a comment?
Or did you just want to sling a little and run?
Did you think I wouldn't reply to this?

Just to set the record straight: I didn't tell anyone to change their ways, trust me if I encounter a blog too hard to leave a comment on, I won't. I doubt it will rock anyone's world.

Bottomline: Its my blog, I can whine all I want. You can, if you don't care for my whines, never click this way again ... my feelings won't be hurt.


  1. I hate anonymous comments as much as spam. Without a "signature" .... opinions are pointless!

    Hello from SpeedyCat :-)

  2. ooh, Darylizers? Where do I sign up?
    Silly anonymous poster. Hope he doesn't come visit my blog. I will create a whine just for him/her

  3. Proud to be a 'Darylizer' with her own mind!

  4. Daryl,You know you are getting super popular when you start getting negative comments so, congratulations! It happens to all the great bloggers!

  5. PS
    I LOVE your water fountain shot at The Highline, Fabulous!

  6. I guess it depends on why you blog...if it's just to get your thoughts out of your head and you don't care whether other people read or comment, then do whatever you want. But I want people to read my blog, and to leave comments, and to participate in the community I am trying to build, so I pay attention to things like how hard it is to find the comment link on other people's blogs and how that affects whether I leave a comment or not because then I know what not to do at my own blog.

  7. Darylizers: 44
    Anonymous: 1

    Need I say more?

  8. OMG...what is this person's problem! UN-FREEKIN real!
    I was going to post the other day but refrained so now that you've posted additional comments regarding...had to put my two cents in!!!!
    have a wonderful evening "D"

  9. Those anonymous commenters drive me crazy. I've had my fair share of them, too. I'm all for free speech, but you have to stand behind your opinion.

    Hey, Daryl, they're most likely just jealous.

  10. Love your attitude, Daryl!

    Glad to hear from you again!
    And thank you very much for correcting me on that metronome info! :-)

  11. Maybe they are mad becuase their inviation to blogfest got lost!!! It will just be a gathering of a bunch of Darylizers anyway!

    I just have one thing to say to them because they really don't deserve the press...WHATEVER!!!

  12. ((clap)) ((Clap))...

    And for the record I whine some on my blog from time to time..

    I was told by others that it was my right to whine..

    I do like that new word.. 'Darylizer'... lol.

    BTW I did change my comment mode.. so it is easier to comment on my blog.. at least I think I changed it.. I am a bit confused with how it was set up and how I set it up.. lol.

    I wanted to make it easier to comment on my blog.. save a few seconds here and there.. and if someone does say an unkind word.. it is okay.. I'm a big girl.

  13. Hmmm... I doubt that any of her readers are 'Darylized' as you claim...

    While I adore Daryl, I'm perfectly happy to read her opinions without clicking over in a panic to see if my blog comforms. I'm also capable of reaching my own conclusions about blogs or anything else without the guidance of someone named "Anonymous".

    "Anonymous" advice is pretty much worth what I paid for it.

  14. I'll admit that my reading and readers have changed my blog somewhat in the last two years. I teeter between not wanting to offend others I know read, and not caring a hill of beans what others think. Then I post about crap tacos. Are the crap tacos Daryl approved? I think not.

  15. this doofus is a moron..first he says people have their own views and their own reasons and then turns around and calls people "whiners". what a "Jack of Ass"!!!

    Just like D says, it's HER don't like what you see, then go away, you won't be missed...Tool!!!

  16. I allow anonymous comments on my blog and I don't mind them, but then I've never had one that I would label negative.
    I liked the new word that came out of the comment, though. Darylizers? Sure! What a hoot!

  17. oOo, I wanna be a Darylizer tooooo!


    We love you, they're just jealous cos you're so cool. ;-)

  18. Being anonymous is cowardly.

    And if you read a post like yours, and change accordingly it may be just that you want to be more considerate of your readers.

  19. Woohoo.. a new bloggy term.. Darylizers-R-Us!

  20. Look at all these comments! Perhaps I shoul get controversial too?

  21. Uh-oh - I have been trying to catch up, it is way past 1am here and now I am compelled, yes COMPELLED to read back further!
    That'll teach me to have blips. Miss far too much. *mutter mutter*

    Reading back...
    ("Darylizers" - shouldn't that be trademarked? Wonderful new word.)

  22. Oooh, I love a good blog battle, aka cat fight, Slam!
    Anonymous you now have a target on your back.
    Cross our Darling Daryl and we will .... well, we will.

  23. I personally dislike anyone named Anonymous. I believe man or woman, they have no balls, so to speak; and they speak too much.

  24. I think you've just become a new bloggy superhero, "The Darylizer." She shoots. She scores!

  25. Ooh, ooh, can I be a Darylizer too?!? Can I mom? Can I?

  26. Darylize me baby!!

    what silliness -

    oh - could you help me
    how do I set up my comments to get MORE smutty language

  27. Amen. I'll be a Darylizer. Cause I love me some Daryl!! Bring it on! :)

  28. the darylizer? sounds like a fabulous new gadget!!!

  29. so wait. when daryl sez what we're all thinking...that's darylized? okay.

    where's ma t-shirt?!
    where's ma membership card?!

    i paid goooood money! oh...wait...i didn't...

    and have i missed some smutty language while i was gone or something?

  30. I am every day astounded by the cowardice of "anonymous." It IS your blog. I don't have to come if I want, and neither does "anonymous."

  31. Oh... what did I miss? What happened?

    I agree with you: your blog, your domain, your rules.


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