i love surprises

Joyce of Flour Power is a former New Yawker living in GA
she mentioned she missed Black & White cookies.
I offered to send some her way but she declined.
she did ask me for something else
sneaky me,
when I sent off what she asked for,
I included said cookie as a surprise

That's Joyce under the NY Yankee lid
along with her daughter and grandson.


  1. When I was a kid in PA, the bakery in our neighborhood called them "Plunketts". Whatever you call them, they are soooooo good!

    that was nice of you!

  2. What fun! Do they taste different than other iced cookies?

  3. I've only ever heard of this cookie on the Seinfeld show...they DO exist, huh?

  4. You're such a great buddy! They sure look like they're glad!

  5. Ok.. am I the only one to wonder
    what was in the box with the cookies?

  6. Looks yummy. I hope the baby go a bite.

  7. I just had one of those cookies.........those free samples at supermarkets... I did not want to break my diet..........but how can anyone resist them.

  8. That is just awesome. What a great surprise. I wanna cookie!

  9. you're like the gift goddess of the internet tubes

    I know that from personal experience

    what a lovely family

  10. Yeah you're good for slipping a cookie in as a surprise. And Tonka says he digs that about ya!

  11. Crazy Joyce....one of my all time favorite people...she always turns down the offer of sweets but deep down inside she loves them!!


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