the adventure continues...

IT was a a busy evening here last nite. The cows, Fred & Bessie, showed up around dinner time. As soon as they put their things down Bessie let me know she was a little peeved because Fred insisted on putting everything Asthmagirl gave them in that sack AND he had been, she said, skateboarding so she had to run to keep up!

They did stop in Dallas to visit with Sugar Bear and they did make stops at the Queen's place as well as with Mamahut. They said the Chihuahua Underground had aided and abetted them across the country and they wanted their helpers to know that they appreciated all the help, the places to stay overnight AND for the chocolate and butter.

In fact, one of the first things they did was to check out my fridge!

I caught them about to eat the chocolate bar Asthmagirl sent ME!

Fred needed some help. 
His nose got a little bruised during the trip. 
Bessie was fussing over him but he asked Husband to help. 
And of course he did.

Husband told Fred he'd have to rest for a while

Fred wondered if this qualified for a "Waiting, Impatiently" post .. 
I said it didnt but it was a nice try on his part.

Meanwhile Bessie who was still harboring ill will toward Fred went exploring ... 
She discovered (I saw her flirting!) PiCOWsso (PiCOWsso was part of the Cow Parade)


  1. So they have come home wagging their tales (!) behind them?

    Rumor has it that they were hanging with the traveling gnome for a spell.

    Hawaiian cow: "pipi."

  2. I'm glad they made the trip safely, and are settling in with you now.

  3. you're going to have to keep an eye on that Bessie, or your going to have a bunch of calf's running around munching your chocolate....

  4. She totally is flirting with your colorful cow there. What a hussie! Er, I mean holstein! Well, you know what a mean.

  5. Heh, heh, this was adorable! Thanks for the smiles. :D

  6. I think Fred really, really needs to worry about PiCOWsso. Could be trouble brewing.

  7. Fred's injury r/t skateboard or sticking his nose in ... along the way? I love the state of the art surgery you have, and the surgeon's shirt is to die for. :D

  8. OMG! Poor Fred! He sustained an injury? Thank goodness you have qualified help onsite...

    F&B are very lucky... they never got whipped butter when they were with me!

  9. Love the two photos of Fred with your hubby and the REMOTE CONTROL.
    Does he always keep it that close to himself at all times?

    Bear((( )))

  10. Your husband is VET! Great with all your residents.
    Tell Bessie not to be won over too easily by 'handsome' unknown. Even if they're named as a famous painter. This one on the shelf is an usurper.

  11. Tell Bessie not to get bowled over by a handsome pair of horns - he probably flirts with all the girls.
    I'm so glad you had qualified help on hand for poor Fred, it could have been nasty otherwise.

  12. Poor Fred - recovering from a bruised nose and his "gal" is out flirting with other cows!

  13. now that's a nose job!!

    I hope Bessie forgives Fred for all of his bull ;)

  14. This is so funny D! You are cracking my up this morning~sorry I have been AWOL. (seminars & such)
    But, I have several of the cows myself~and this one rocks!

  15. Ahhhh....I'm so glad they found there way home! Fred better watch out, I think Bessie may have found a new beau!

  16. Yeah, I meant to tell ya... you gotta watch out for those chocolate thievin' cows. They'll steal you blind when you're not looking. And then blame it on the dog. Or cat.


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