toonsday husbandisms


  1. Hello DaryL !
    I "love" Your humour...
    Very crazy, yeah !
    See You later...

  2. That was just wonderful, Michele!

    Another fist pump from CT!

  3. That's an inside joke, isn't it? I get who Michelle is, but not the point of that one. Sorry.

  4. Awesome use of little touches like the Dem button and the Vote message. :-)

    I saw some of those "people on the street" interviews yesterday with folks at the latest McSame rally. One woman, when asked why she didn't like Obama, said, "Let's put it this way. The man just scares* me." (*Pronounced "skeers") No other reason. I'd wager she was scared of most black men.

    Peace - D

  5. Hi Daryl
    Finally getting a chance to visit all my favourite blogs.
    Thanksgiving dinner was great but we will be eating turkey leftovers for the next month.
    I wonder if the trick or treaters on Halloween would appreciate a nice bowl of turkey soup?
    That's one way to get rid of the leftovers.

    We just got back from voting in our Canadian election.
    Now we wait until tonight to see if we get a new Prime Minister.

    Another great toonsday.

    Bear((( )))

  6. My arugula is a little swollen today..
    but I'm afraid to see the Doctor because I've heard that an Arugulectomy is no walk in the park.

  7. Okay, this one should be in the funny papers~LOL!

  8. OK this was lost on me temporarily - till I checked your labels and googled it. Got the headline.

    Now I think I should call you Michele. ;0)

    (PS I think we call this rocket lettuce. Arugula is sooooooooo much better. *wink*)

  9. Is that a political joke? I'm sorry it was lost on me too being from over the pond Daryl, but I do love your cartoons!

  10. as long as it isn't frisee...
    funny funny funny

  11. There's a great leaf advert in the Uk - here's the link...i think you'll like it...

  12. Nice button on your character there...

    Democrats are sexier...
    who ever said they got a great piece of elephant??


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