saturday blogger meet up - recappage

We met on the corner of 81st & Central Park West after Leendaluu and the Twins had visited the Museum of Natural History.

Me, flat holly, Leendaluu

flat holly poses with the votive holder I brought Leendaluu

Eli seems to like flat holly, but Ani isnt sure

Eli shows off the ORGANIC lollipops I brought for the Twins to share

me & Leendaluu taken by budding photographer Ani

Another photo (this is actually a video) taken by Ani with my camera of Leendaluu and me toasting (flat holly was exhausted so she was leaning on the pepper mill)

Eli took this photo of me

and she took this photo of her mom

Ani's self portrait

Eli's self portrait

flat holly with one of the Hanukkah bush decorations I gave the Twins

the nice waiter took this of the 4 5 of us

Ani asked Leendaluu and me to make faces .. we obliged but Eli thought we were silly

This is my meet up loot .. the mug I got for placing second in a contest Leendaluu held on her blog. The Palin button was a gift for me because one of our twinsy things is our mutual distaste for the Gov from Alaska (may she go back there Nov 4), and a Natural History Museum pencil that Ani gave me.

We really had a lot of fun ... after a nice lunch where the adults had lovely glasses of Malbec ... I walked them to the subway ... they were going to take the subway to Penn Station and then two trains (Ani reminded me several times they had taken THREE trains to get here) back home.

And I am SO looking forward to having them come back soon.


  1. It looks like a LOT of fun! Everyone is smiling; even Flat Holly.

  2. Looks like ALL the girls had a great time.
    How wonderful for you.
    (and I am so very very jealous!!)

    Bear((( )))

  3. a wonderful time was had by all!! great photos
    the girls are lovely
    flat holly is such a wonderful addition to any party ;)

  4. Malbec. Quite possibly my favorite thing on earth is Malbec.
    I would have Malbec envy, except I have a bottle in my wine rack I can open.
    I do have bloggy meet up envy, though.

  5. We loved our day with you Miss D. You were a fabulous hostess and the girls were enthralled. I can't wait till we can do it time the Flea Market and Brunch.

    (Holl, the girls were really taken with the pants Daryl made you so you wouldn't be cold...however, since the day was warm and you supped from the Malbec you broke into a bit of a sweat).

    I can't post my pix until I return from the land of the butternots and have access to my own computer...


  6. Wow, you're both so beautiful! An inspiration to this silvering girl...

    Ok, please explain flat holly! :-)

    Peace - D

  7. I'm so glad you had a fab time! You both look happy as clams meeting up together. And what DARLING girls! You're lucky the waiter was able to keep his hand steady to photograph you all as he was probably in a sweat looking at all that BEAUTY!!!

  8. Always such fun to meet up f2f with our bloggy friends, I hope to do the samw with you one day Daryl.

    Lovely piccies

  9. Meeting other bloggers is always a blast. Loved the pics. Glad you had such a wonderful meet up.

    Your peace globe has been placed in The Peace Globe Gallery.
    You are officially peace globe #1122.
    BlogBlast For Peace ~ November 6, 2008 is going to be awesome! See you there.

  10. Very fun DaryL !
    Nice photos and the girls are lovely and beautiful...

    Have a nice day DaryL !

  11. Great fun all round! So glad you had a good day.

  12. Well that looks like a good time had by all. I think so as to appease Ani you both should take 2½ trains each next time.

    Who squashed Holly? No wonder she is exhausted.
    Love the pressies. ;0)

  13. Sighhhh, that looks like a wonderful day. And you two are gorgeous. Thanks for passing on hugs from the girls, and I am so glad you met. Looks like Ani and Eli took to you Daryl, you must be pretty fab in real life too. :D

  14. oh that is AWESOME! i'm wearing TROUSERS!!! that way i could concentrate so much better on hanging with my girls. :)

    and i got to hang with the twins! yay!!!

    (lee, sorry about the sweating. :) )

    i don't want to be boastful, but i think it was *me* who had the most fun here. :) :) :)

    i have always ALWAYS wanted to pose by a hanukkah bush decoration, even though i didn't know what one was until this post...


    how much do i love all you guys?!

    too much to say. :)

  15. Wow....another meeting (had to go back some). I've been busy, and have missed these meetings =) And, what pretty ladies!

  16. How much fun! I have meet-up envy still. And it's really all my own fault.

  17. what a great day that looks like - and you look great D!

  18. I missed this post (sleeping)! You are so young.