We - Boss #1 and I - had our Moving The Papers meeting yesterday.

While I was moved yesterday when he insisted on CONSISTENTLY sized boxes for each of the cubbies in which he stores his papers, I was not nearly as moved during this meeting as I was earlier in the week when I was moved to drop kick a box of back issues of a well known magazine across a room. Really.

Having a cough was for the first time this week a good thing. Otherwise my snicker would have been seen as disrespectful instead it was merely a cough. Ahem.

To show my good faith in executing this enormous task properly I took notes.

I don't actually get to pack the CONSISTENTLY sized boxes until he is on holiday next week and while he repeated everything three times I was not quizzed.

Each group of cubbies has two rows.

Top row is to be marked A with each cubby being assigned a number 1-11
Bottom row is to be marked B with each cubby being assigned a number 1-11

Every cubby is numbered. Even the empty ones.
Every cubby gets its own box. Even the empty ones.
Every cubby's contents gets put into the CONSISTENTLY sized box, taped shut
and marked with a special (SMELLY) LARGE marker.

Numbered then taped shut. Even the empty ones.

There are three sets of two rows of cubbies each of those gets its own color. He chose RED, BLUE and BLACK.

But I .. I .. me .. all by myself .. all on my own....I get to decide which set of cubbies gets which color!

How is that for raw power?

There are 3-4 cubbies with LARGE binders in them. Those have been given special Papal dispensation to be packed in a size box NOT CONSISTENT with the others.

And only because I, shrewd clever manipulative bitch that I am, pointed out that the only box big enough for those binders would have the smaller piles of paper floating loosely and getting all mixed up.

He thought about it and decided exceptions were permitted but only for those 3-4 boxes. He won't trust this delicate operation to just anyone. No. I am the only one he trusts not to muck this up.

When the boxes, all neatly CONSISTENT in size, taped shut, numbered in their own special color are moved downstairs to the new office they will be placed beneath the new empty cubbies in order.

Then one by CONSISTENT one they will be opened. Their contents removed and placed in their new cubby to reside there hopefully for many, many years without being, re-packed, re-numbered, re-taped and moved again.

At least not by me.


  1. Doing that once would me more than enough for me. Ugh!

  2. LOL, me too, Sandy, believe me .. and I am not his assistant .. or secretary .. I should say in his defense that usually he is very nice .. but this impending move has turned us all into raving loons!

  3. On the upside, you to sniff marker fumes. Please take consistent breaths, though.

    You're a better person than I am. And the Husband is way more organized.

  4. jennifer.. Boss # 1 is my real boss at the office .. LOL .. Husband wouldnt dare tell me how to do anything .. he'd do it for me!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

    Have a great weekend!


  6. This is a classic, absolutely priceless post, Daryl.

    I have a question (am I allowed questions?). Why must he have an empty consistently sized box taped shut (consistent with the other boxes) and properly numbered for the empty cubbies?

    Oh oh, I have another question. Does he really call them "cubbies?" Because cubbies immediately makes me think of little ones in the lower grades who often have them to keep their papers, etc., organized.

  7. Of course you can ask questions.. because then there will be an empty cubby in the new ones like the old ones .. I really dont know why he has empty ones but he does .. Its his way of filing ..

    And he doesnt call them anything .. I dubbed them cubbies because they remind me of Cubby Holes.. now you've got me curious .. on Monday I am asking someone what they are REALLY called.

  8. Awww....thank you SO much for the kind words. Very sweet of you. Thanks for stopping by.

    Looks like you've got your work cut out for you. I see you live in NYC...I've only been there once with my fiancee...LOVED it! He lived in the city for close to 10 years. He misses it so!

    Have a great wknd ;o)

  9. Good idea!!

    I'll use these boxes!!

    I linked your blog in BOA LEITURA:


  10. I meant them jillie! I love living here .. cant imagine life elsewhere .. do come back again!

    and thank you luiz,I am flattered!

  11. Man, your boss sounds like one of my very perfectionistic daughters. But she's only 4. And not nearly so CONSISTENT.

    That whole system is making my head spin.

    (thanks for stopping by my blog recently).

  12. wow, oh wow...this has me dizzy. Boss sounds a little, well...bossy!

    Moving is never fun...but I bet it will be great once you're finally 'in'.

  13. LOL, Gwen, he's a nice guy but occasionally exhibits OCD ...

    Lori .. Moving is a nightmare .. a waking nightmare .. and we really loved our current offices .. we outgrew them so we are moving to a larger space .. I have taken pix of the construction .. so once its all done I can share its before/during/after

  14. I just heard about the crane accident in NYC...are you all right??

  15. Ditto lori's comment - although NYC is a big place and I have no concept of where this accident took place or where you are.

    Assuming you ARE ok - the post is great. I suggest you do it YOUR way and just tell him his system was great. If he's on holiday when you do it he will never know.... ;0)

    Check in soon. Please.

  16. I am fine .. the accident was on the Eastside in the 50s and I live on the Westside in the 80s. So I am fine. Thank you for worrying .. stop worrying now..

    Unfortunately (?!?), he'll be back from holiday before we move ..

  17. *GiGGLeS* I've just gone through and caught up with all of your posts I missed out on... I just LOVE how you take photos of every day things... it really gives us a better understanding, almost like we were there with you! :-) xx

  18. Oh, dear.

    Oh, dear.

    Oh, dear.

    I say that because over Christmas vacation they recarpeted the library at school. I am the school librarian.

    I color coded the stacks, color coded the boxes that each rank of shelves was unloaded into. And I made a color coded map of the library.

    The boxes were not consistently sized.. That we had boxes at all was--fortuitous.

    That anyone mentioned to me that we might get new carpet was also fortuitous. I don't know what they thought. Were they going to surprise me? Did they think they would just move--without sliding on the new carpet, of course--the shelves containing as many as five hundred books--without emptying the shelves.

    But I digress.

    I wonder what they thought of me back there in December when I color coded the shelves and the boxes.

    Oh, dear.

    Oh, dear.

    Oh, dear.

    Thye did look at me funny.

    I am not normally the least bit ICD.

    But I have moved a library before.

  19. I am not the least bit OCD.

    I may be ICD. Does anyone know what ICD might be?


  20. Daryl - glad you are ok. I can go to bed now! lol

    Katney - sorry Daryl to hijack - just had to chip in - that's not OCD. That's organised. You ARE the librarian and you did the work. Daryl's boss is NOT doing the moving but trying to control precisely how it is done! ICD - Hmmm. "Internet and computer disease"? :0)

  21. Katney - crazycath! you are not hijacking or hijilling - I totally agree w/crazycath .. ORGANIZED is not OCD .. and moving a library is a lot more IMPORTANT than those few papers .could you see how few those papers in those stupid cubbies are? We could have used BAGS .. FILE FOLDERS .. STRONG CLIPS and not messed them up ..

  22. Thanks lv2scpbk! And thanks for stopping by.

  23. Hilarious!
    What a guy, your boss. He's so very thorough when giving instructions, and he gives you such leeway in deciding some things. Which colors did you choose for which?? Decisions, decisions. I'm sure you were thrilled about the whole process.
    Having to use different sized boxes for those binders must have really bothered you, though.

  24. This makes me wonder what my hubby thinks when I'm "instructing" him as to how things are to be done in our home... Maybe I should lay off a bit, eh? I really do most of it myself, though...

    Love this post... :)

  25. Thanks Anita...Jamie .. I think we all tend to be a bit OCD at times. Yeah, I was heartbroken to have to use larger boxes for those binders.. yeah ..

  26. Can you say OCD??

    Gee whiz. You handled it far better than I would have!

    Here's to hoping you don't have to EVER pack those consistent little boxes ever again!

    Peace -D

  27. Oh Daryl, ROFLMAO!

    Poor guy definitely has OCD, and you're something of a Saint to cope.

  28. dragonstar .. not so very saintly .. and in his defense .. 99.99% of the time he is a honey .. this move has stressed us all out .. one of the guys keeps going down to look at how things are coming and he comes back and says (everytime!) this is never going to be ready .. never..

    nothing like positive thinking.

  29. David was absolutely right to pick this one for one of his posts of the day! Hooray! and good for you...let your boss know who's boss!

  30. oh thank you .. but it wasnt really .. it was just an honorable mention!

  31. That was hilarious! I bet his wife is rolling her eyes right along with the rest of us. Great post! David is a wise man for pointing you out. :)

    (And Katney, you made me snort too!)

  32. hilary .. sigh... if he or his wife read this I will be unemployed for sure ..sssssssh!

  33. i think your boss could benefit from some anal retentiveness training. i mean, he really needs to be more highly strung, don't you think?

  34. and i am really jealous of your colorization (that's a word...) power.

  35. Thanks! I needed that post. . . lol After the crappy day I have had trying to get my post loaded on blogger.. . well, 15 hours over two days I meant!

    You might not see this comment but I feel good just being able to see someone else's "problems."

  36. Holly .. its hard to believe but he really isnt like that all the time which is why I was so pissed off .. and if he had pressed on about this I would have anal retentized HIM .. I love the word

    Oh Paulie .. do you use Safari? If so, download Firefox its more compatible.. really

  37. leslie .. i am giving the old college try .. wanna come help?

  38. here from david's/

    try not to let the power you've been granted go to your head. i'd hate to see you corrupted by smelly markers.

  39. I hope you don't mess up the cubbies after those directions!