wordy thursday

this is the photo
 i sat for 

shot it
 under the canopy
in the style of
a themed series of photos
i post
 on instagram

 i am sure i told you about it
sharing some of the photos
 that's the shot

i have been reading
 in fact 
just finished
 a series of 3 books
 i hope there will be more
 by alison gaylin
 about a female private investigator
 who has a memory condition 
 she never forgets

they are a very good read 

 no decent television 
 later this month
 we have been watching
 the past 3 seasons 
very good
 very clever
 showtime airs

 we're almost done with it 
new season will begin in january 
seems a long way off 
tho time passes quickly
 these days

 my office move is now, as of today, 42 days away   

some of you
 may remember
 the post about the last move
 the boxes 
my wonderful but obsessively controlling boss

 this time
 he hired movers
 to pack his office
 of course
 since then 
he's decided
 he will pack and move his papers 

i was to get him
 fifty (50) small boxes 
that will hold papers
 ten (10) larger 'longer' boxes
 lots of packing tape 
black markers


 he asked me to
 'put together two of the larger boxes'
 i did
 he filled them
 i taped them shut
 he labeled them 

 he had them sent to his home 
he's going to do this
 the boxes 
so they're done right
he'll have them delivered
 to the new offices
 unpack them 
 so its done 



  1. Daryl, love this photo! It is a very nice shot of you!

  2. What a beautiful photo lovely lady! Love ut!

  3. hey great photo, pretty girl, and, when you publish the book of all those photographs, this can be the last one! Moving's a drag. R's sister just moved and we helped her organise a lot of her office and helped her make lists and lists aaand lists to organise and smooth out the transition. It really helped her move in to the new place quickly and reestablish her business. Good luck with it all. Off to check out episodes now because there is nothing at all to watch!

  4. Hey, Pretty Lady!!
    This photograph of you is absolutely wonderful.
    Love it!! xo.

  5. A bit of a control freak, eh?

    Wonderful photo of you. You look beeyouteefull.

  6. Beautiful photo! Beautiful you!

    Did you take this with a timer?

  7. Great photo!! Great shot! Very lovely lady!! You probably didn't even get any funny looks sitting in the sidewalk- it being NYC and all !!
    Love his packing job......really........

  8. Tell the boss: Good luck with that boxing and moving each one twice.

    LOVE that photo of you. It's absolutely fantastic.


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