monday monologue - the moon and other things

A long lovely weekend 
freezing cold 
did not stop me 
even got to see a couple of good movies

there was that moon, 
the Hunter
(I've been corrected)
it was the
WOLF moon 
big and bright 
rising early 
setting late 

last Friday
I caught it on my way home from the office 
the following night I tried again 
but clouds hid her from sight

much to my surprise 
the following morning
stepping out
of the house
I looked to my right 

there she was 
still there hanging over the Hudson

I went back in
got the BIG camera 
snapping off several shots, 
each time fussing with the focus

a decent shot 
oh so dark 
do you hear those pounding hoofbeats?
to the rescue

sort of

you'll need to click on it to see the foreground 
but the detail of the moon itself?
neat, huh

Annie and Jules came to play
we had lunch at Atlantic Grill
it was so frickin' freezing 
we were lucky to find a parking space 2 blocks from the restaurant

I hear you say parking?
Jules and Annie drove in from Connecticut 

 walleye tuna burger and fries

 eggs benedict on smoked salmon on a latke (potato pancake)

wild mushroom & asiago ravioli 
pancetta, aged balsamic, roasted mission fig

 Old Bay Dusted Fries

(sharing with Weekend Cooking over at Beth Fish Reads)

me, Jules and Annie

After lunch we stopped in at the American Folk Art Museum gift shop

 Jules models a mask

I found a necklace of hearts
(in the photo there are 3, I only bought 1)

I was 


(except for the moon all the photos were taken with iPhone4)

got to see 
The Descendants
I loved it
Hawaii is almost as nice on the eye as George Clooney

Toonman says its not the best of the year, 
he believes The Artist is

also saw
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
a very slow but involving film
the cinematography made me wish I had captured some of the scenes with my camera

I enjoyed having you along
hope you had a good time
I sure did


  1. What a busy , but fun-filled weekend...
    love those food pics !!

  2. A wonderful weekend for you! The detail of the moon is amazing just a great capture!
    The food looks yummy and the gift shop looks to be too much fun
    Love the picture of you 'girls'.
    I want to see the same movies and also want to see 'The Artist'. That one caught my eye and I think I would enjoy it.
    Have a class tomorrow evening and am going to take pics with my iPhone. Wish me luck on that:) Do you have a specific program you use to adjust the photos?
    Wishing you a lovely week!

  3. *Clap clap*
    and I'm a big fire escape fan also...

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  4. You always pack such a lot into your weekends! Loving the heart necklaces. :)

  5. Every girl should own at least one heart necklace... not sure I have one, although there is a heart charm in my jewelry box. I've been in love with jewelry this year... and it's only the middle of January. Love the one you bought!

  6. I want to see The Artist. I am a fan of silent films!

    Love the moon shots!

  7. So glad the girls got there! That moon shot is, well, over itself;) And I love The Descendants! Have you all seen Iron Ldy yet??? Love you!

  8. I positively love sharing your weekends in cyberspace. I would have bought a heart necklace, too, and that food....oh.....

  9. Loved this post, and seeing friends in it as well. God, I love that restaurant and its food. Hey, we need to go to ABC Kitchen next time I'm in town. Food is great and the place is so cool. Good moon shots! The Artist won for best motion picture, comedy or musical. Got to see that one.

  10. I would have been thrilled if I'd taken a moon shot like this Daryl, nice work indeed! I was just watching George Clooney get an award at the Golden Globes earlier this evening, he is such a cool guy and as you so rightly mentioned, very easy on the eye.

  11. quite the nice day. delicious looking things..and then there was the food too!

  12. The moon!! Oh my...
    I'm waiting for The Descendants to come on Netflix and the others as well.
    Ya'll eat food I've never even thought of, but it looks delicious.
    I'm thrilled you had such a wonderful weekend and that you got to spend time
    with such fabulous ladies. (Loved Jules with that mouth!)
    Big hugs!

  13. It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend Daryl!
    Love your photographs of the moon. Just beautiful!
    I am definitely visiting the Atlantic Grill!
    Everything looks sooooooo yummy.

  14. Love all of this! Especially the Atlantic Grill and those fries...

  15. You got it, you got it! (I like the unretouched version, but the detail of the second is sooo cool). What a great--if cold--weekend you had. And the Giants won, too!

  16. I had a fabulous time, thank you for taking me along!!! moon photos beautiful! xo

  17. Sounds like a great day.. great moon shot and a fine moonalogue. ;)

  18. Love the cat quote! Haven't seen either movie yet but on my list. As George always is .... and love that moon!

  19. After a busy 8 days of editing I'm finally reading blogs again. Anyway ... sounds like a wonderful day -- I like those heart necklaces too. Really good French fries are a huge weakness of mine and those look so good. Soup and fries for me.

    We liked the Descendants a lot and I have a copy of the book, not that I've read it yet. And finally -- your moon beats my moon hands down! :)


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