waiting patiently

So if you are
the world didn't commence to end

(or is it Myles?) 
who you may recall from another post
posed so prettily for me 
I took two snapshots

Isnt he adorable?


  1. Such a sweetie ... got my sunglasses on for the rapture Saturday at 6pm!

  2. Isn't he pretty!
    Oh yeah, we're still here on the west coast too!

  3. Hey! I posted his cousin today!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral




  4. we are still here...yada yada

    (thank god)

    luv saz x

  5. He is adorable ~

    And it's not 6 o'clock yet.

  6. He's very photogenic. And I'm still waiting on whatever's supposed to happen. I was really hoping to avoid a lot of work today...

    wv: ableate. When you've been fasting for a blood test and can finally eat something you're ableate.

  7. He has such a beautiful smile, and gorgeous eyes.

  8. Not 6 pm yet...but my son did clean all day yesterday and took the evening off from work. Said he didn't want to be at work when whatever happened:) "Snort"

    Such a sweet dog and so well groomed too!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear

    wv: spinhuat If the world ends, will it spinhuat?

  9. He is adorable! I just love a "dog smile"!

  10. nice post, thanks for sharing.
    a pleasure to spend for your home.
    you have a happy weekend.
    a hug.

  11. What a pretty coat he has!

    My Dad just told me a story of when he was young, sitting in church, the minister told everyone to go home because the world was ending. He doesn't remember the year it was. Wonder what the minister said the following Sunday. :)

  12. Yay! we get to live more!

    & he really does have a smile! a Beautiful one too.
    : )

  13. Aww what a cutie. He's got great sMILES. ;)

  14. Now Miles has some loving big brown eyes!! I'd just have to hug him :)


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