if you are going to new york city ...

Back in December of 2009, I reviewed a New York City Guide book here.  I also gave some of those fabulous books away.

Now Baffled By Travel has an iPhone app (and soon an iPad app) ..  why should you care about this?

Getting to it ... stay with me.

I have the pleasure of giving away to five readers the  Baffled By Travel iPhone app that is selling on iTunes for $7.99

How do you win one?

Well, first you need to own an iPhone or iTouch which utilizes the latest operating system (4.0).

Then you need to be coming to NYC for a holiday in the near future because the creators of this terrific app need reviews in order to get sales .. see there's always a catch ... but in this case its a good one:  you will help the nice people at Baffled by using the app and leaving a review; they get to fine tune the app based on your input and then they get more sales.  Win win win.

So if you leave me a comment (and please make sure your comment is linked to your email or that you leave me your email in the comment) telling me you have an iPhone or iTouch AND you are planning a visit to NYC I will enter you in the giveaway.

No one has paid me for this, I do not work for the Baffled By Travel folks ...