media alerted

Check us out.

The BlogFest I attended on the Chesapeake Bay
posted about last Thursday
made the local newspaper
read all about it
Gloucester-Mathews Gazette-Journal


  1. ...I KNOW! (said like Monica on the tv show "Friends" :o) Is that not the coolest thing? I saw that over at Kate's place and now here. Congrat's to you all! :o)


  2. That is cool. Sounds like you all had a great time.

  3. Must be tough having the paparazzi underfoot all da time, you Star of the Blog-U-Verse!!

    Comfort Spiral

  4. i still haven't read your post from your blogfest trip, but i plan to - it looks like you guys had a tonne of fun!

  5. I LOVED the article! this is so cool! another one for the bloggers, YAY!

  6. that was a lovely piece celebrating your blogfest! good on you guys! keep it up!

  7. Well it took them long enough didn't it?? Good grief, you'd think these media types could keep up at least as well as a bunch of bloggers!

  8. How famous are you!
    This looks such terrific fun.

  9. Cool! Very nice article. You all should be pleased and proud.

  10. This is just THE coolest thing!!! What a great idea! So glad that you all had a great time! I'm a bit behind in reading blogs, and I'm sorry I missed your great adventure! This is truly wonderful...

  11. missed this...somehow...but what a great need to get a copy and frame that puppy!


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