keep on keeping on

are you part of google+?
i am not

i have managed to successfully remain apart 
if you use blogger for your blog
 you probably got an alert
 you may or may not
have read

i didnt
 til today
i learned
left on my blog
no longer

as my friend denise posted on her blog:
now whats google done!?

because of her post
i read the writing on the 'wall'
if you dont join google+
you wont be able
 your comment leavers

add that
 the demise
networked blogs

 things are changing in the blogsphere
 not in a good way

 to those who have left comments this week
i am supposed to be working
i dont have time to hop back/forth to read comments/leave a reply
it takes me a week to be able to reply to comments via email

gotta figure this all out
in the mean time