what's next?

i have been blogging since september 2007
i blogged daily
 here and on 
my now defunct blog
 through my eyes
i blogged through 
vacations long and short
all sorts of personal stuff 

 it took 
losing harry
 to get me
 to take
 an actual break

the suddenness of his illness 
the severity of it
 totally knocked me for a loop

 toonman thinks 
that the ups/downs
his health 
last year 
added to my mood

i hesitate to label it depression
i know people who truly suffer depression
 its not something that one shakes off

i spent a little over a week wallowing in self pity
i am mostly over it

so here i am
back to blogging
with some changes

i dont think this will be an everyday blog

i dont live an exciting
 i cant wait to share my latest adventure 
sort of life
i do want to continue to share
my city and my travel 
such as it is 

i hope you'll join me