my biggest concern before my trip to dublin was rainwear
ireland like paris like amstedam
is right on the water
cities right on the water tend to be wet

but its the end of summer
my slicker is lined
too hot to wear 
too hot to schlep
i bought two packable rain 'coats'
one folds up into itself pocketsize
the other is a poncho that can fit in shoulderbag or tote
i even bought a cheap pair of coated sort of rubberized keds
i was prepared

every morning we woke to skies like this

(out the back window of our room)

rainwear in my bag 
off we'd go

on friday 
we went 
Trinity College

to see
 the Book of Kells exhibit
no photos were permitted

we also wandered the absolutely gorgeous library
where photos were permitted

Long Room
 the Old Library
is 213 ft
built between 1712-1732
architect Thomas Burgh
200,000 books
its the largest library in ireland

down those stairs is the gift shop

it was mesmerizing
so many books
such amazing light
such incredible architecture
the ceiling!!!

when we left 
we walked out
 onto the the lush green campus 

it had rained 
while we were inside

the only rain during our entire stay in dublin
these were the only umbrellas we saw 

(anne's lane, off anne street south)