i think
 all the fridays 
memorial day and labor day
 my fridaycations

its a fabulous perk
take fridays off for 3 months 

to sleep in on a friday morning
by far
 more enjoyable than ... well than a lot of other stuff

over the years
 i have almost always
planned to do

i have
walked across the brooklyn bridge
photo hunted along riverside park south
searched for access to the little red lighthouse
shopped at ikea
walked the mosaic trail in alphabet city
spent the day on coney island

you get the idea

well this summer 
not so much

i am not sure why 
i have been unmotivated
this past friday 
that changed

a friend i met on instagram
(she posts as @pepster3rd)
took half a day off 
we had lunch
we walked
 79th street
113th street/amsterdam avenue
photo hunt
the grounds
the cathedral of st john the divine

a summer day camp is in session from 8-6
we couldnt roam around the grounds
as much as we'd have liked
we did enjoy ourselves

there are 3 peacocks
mr phil, jim and harry
in residence
we only saw two

mr phil

either jim or harry 

the walk up and back
round trip 68 blocks or 3.4 miles
yielded a lot of photos

this week that's what i am sharing