and this is

i bet all you dog lovers are happy we only have 3 cats

i am pretty sure i have shared annie's story
in case you missed it i will happily re-tell it

2+ years ago our fabulous vet
andrew kaplan dvm
was walking
 with his two big dogs
 across 72 street 
on his way to his office
he saw 
a broken cat carrier
 a little cat in the gutter
where the cars are
he tied up his dogs
approached the cat
someone passing by 
that carrier was tossed out the window of a car 

the little cat let my vet pick her up
he took her and his dogs to his office
cleaned her up
checked her out
a few days later sent me an email
would you open your home and hearts to this little creature?
he included a photo
(that is not the photo he sent)

we had two cats
i didnt even look at the enclosed photo 
i forwarded the email to toonman
i thought
let him be the bad guy

that was on a friday
he didnt say anything about the email
until sunday when he was feeding the boys
how much harder could it be he wondered to have 3
was i surprised
yes and no

anyway we adopted her
she is adorable
she is a demon
she is a cat

the boys put up with her


  1. What an incredable story, how can people be so cruel. You did a great job to take her in your home.

  2. How anyone could do that to a cat- or another pet- is despicable. She is a beauty!

  3. I do not understand how people can be so cruel.
    Maybe because there is nothing to understand there.
    Bless your hearts. She is so fortunate to have both of you. And of course, you her.

  4. I remember that story. Still feeling the outrage, and still remember your posts and the boys in various stages of duck and cover when she came in. Now I bet it feels like she's always been there, doesn't it? Love that story.

  5. Those people are evil...pure evil. How can anyone hurt a defenseless animal. LOVE your new kitty! She is beautiful!


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