february snow

having had many a birthday celebration snowed out
i am a maven on february snow
there's almost always a storm the first week
if by chance there isnt
for sure there's one the second week

the first week of february 2017 did not disappoint
i was happy it didnt snow on my birthday
but it did rain

the storm 
a predicted 10-15 inches
began in the wee hours of thursday

at 5:59AM 
it was that person making fresh tracks
in front of me

by 9:05AM
the view from my office windows was almost all white

the snow 
pretty much 
stopped by 12:43PM
i took that 
my cue to head home

shame on the MTA!
at 1:17PM
the steps
 leading up
the uptown local 
were iced over
dangerously so

i cannot imagine walking down those stairs

 i can pretty much guarantee 
if you're hoping 
fresh snow photo ops
 there's another storm 
just 'round 
the corner