i c u

this very large mosaic is called
the oculus
its at 
the park place
subway station

(below ground the signage reads park place
at street level its chambers street)

there is
 a long pedestrian walkway
 the broadway express
 the queens e train

along the way 
one is
by mosaic eyes


  1. That's totally cool. You know, I always though it would be juts as easy to make these kinds of beautiful mosaics instead of ordinary tiles; especially in pools. Wouldn't that be amazing to have a mosaic like that in a pool?

  2. Very nice, very creative mosaics. I love the eye!

  3. These are really, really beautiful, Daryl.

  4. That first phot is amazing. I love the eye too!

  5. I imagine I need to put this on my list for the next visit to NYC!


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