reflections of the season - welcome to december

once thanksgiving is digested
nyc begins to put on its holiday

tree sellers set up shop

windows get decorated

awnings get shiny ornaments 

even the streets get a new 'carpet'

i took photos over the last week
that fit
those captions

i changed my mind
about this post

this is my favorite

i'll share the others another time


  1. Very festive and yet NYC with the reflection of the yellow cab. Well done!

  2. I do love the above photo... It's a real "window" about NYC... Have a Happy December, Daryl!

  3. Very festive image, kind of a collage. Excellent choice!

  4. I just LOVE this!!
    There is no more beautiful place at Christmas time, than NYC.

  5. Looking forward to celebrating with you! Thank you for sharing your city with us!


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