waiting ...

how sweet is this puppy?

look at those paws!

i wonder how old he is
i wonder how much he eats

looks to me like possibly a saint bernard mix


  1. He's going to be big if he's young. He does look like a saint bernard mix.

  2. Robert says he thinks he's a Bernese mountain dog because that's the one his father always wanted. He's a beautiful boy. Can't eat much more than my malamutes, who had a good large bowl full 2x per day! Plus leftovers, plus carrots to play with and munch up. :D

  3. I think he is a Bernese Mountain Dog too. They have become quite popular here over the last couple of years. He is going to be a big dog! ;-)

  4. I agree with RedPat, and he looks young.
    What a gorgeous animal!

  5. Could be a Bernese Mountain dog.... oooops just noticed that it has already been suggested.


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