this that and a water tower or two

took the subway
 on sunday
 to meet a friend
 a dim sum brunch
in chinatown

on the way
 i met this family 
headed to brooklyn 
 a step ladder and a sign
they were going to cheer on their daughter 
who was running the marathon
it was a perfect nyc fall day
perfect for running

after brunch 
 the joy luck palace
 mott street
we walked to the westside subway
stopping to snap this mural

i stepped back to get a better angle 
and there were
two, perhaps siamese, water towers!

when i got off the subway 
i snapped this shot 
a runner 
who'd completed the marathon

i tip my hat to all runners
running is not something i do
marathoners deserve huge props


  1. Nice city scenes. I can't imagine running a marathon but appreciate the people who do. A lot of dedication and determination.


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