sweater season

over on the eastside halloween weekend
i was walking behind these two

i loved that bulldog's sweater
dont you?


  1. Love that skull image on his sweater. He's sending a message, don't mess with me, I'm on a mission.

  2. I'm on the fence with the whole dressing up your dog bit. At Petsmart the other day getting cat food, there were rows and rows and rows of the most ridiculous get-ups. Someone's making a lot of money and having fun, but I'm not sure it's the dogs. Quite possibly though, little whippets (who always look cold) and other designer dogs who live in overheated homes need a sweater to go outside in the cold. I keep thinking, "what did people do all these years without doggie dresses, but I suppose in the last century there weren't designer pocket pooches who needed to be dressed up.

    1. Yikes, there I go ranting away and totally forgot to say that I love that photo, and how much is that limestone mansion? :D

  3. I love sweaters. We are having a way too warm November and I don't think they are a big item around here just yet.


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