crossing madison avenue

a few weekends ago 
i walked up madison avenue 
after a dentist appointment

it was one of those 
only in new york moments 
 the streets are almost deserted

 i am not sure
 if these people 
were together or simply paired 
they were in my viewfinder at the same time

there they are 
both of them 
walking the dog 
walking the baby 

a slice of life image

oh yeah
that snowflake?
part of the neighborhoods holiday decor


  1. It's hard to imagine the streets of NYC ever being quiet Daryl. I reckon you've caught two separate entities and lots of fab Madison avenue reflections 😊 Happy weekend, 37C in Perth today, bleh!

  2. That must be strange to see such an empty street in NY. Love that picture.

  3. I would love to see the decorations at Christmas sometime! I bet they are beautiful! Great capture Daryl!

  4. That is a scene you don't expect to see in NYC. Just the two is just enough, it works well in this photo. I also love the reflections in the building. Very nice!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Your new header ... WOW!

    Fun photo of baby and dog. Yes, the reflection is what I really love in this shot.


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