colors of autumn

seasonally vibrant sky 
serves as background
the changing (dying) leaves
the trees 
riverside park

took it while waiting for the M5 on saturday
bussed it to midtown
a morning appointment with my dentist
he's terrific
he has saturday hours once a month

extreme security
policemen/women in clusters
along fifth avenue
between 58th street and 56th street
forming a barrier to 'his' tower

sawhorses blockading fifth avenue
narrowing it to one traffic lane

after the dentist
 i walked uptown
 madison avenue
for a bit
heading crosstown
back to the 'hood
to beautify

i had hoped to meet a friend
for a walk in central park
an aprés dental work head/jaw ache
sent me home
 to relax
take tylenol
 watch a movie with toonman

x-men: apocolypse
was a fun escape

i love cheesy action movies

last weekend
we watched
 star trek - beyond

what did you do?